Internationally Acclaimed Milan Pole Dance Studio Sets Foot in Singapore

Singapore – Renowned international dance school, Milan Pole Dance Studio (MPDS), has opened its first pole and aerial fitness studio in Asia, providing one of a kind fitness and dance workout for women and men of all ages and different fitness levels.

For the first time in Singapore, fitness enthusiasts can immerse in a dose of alterative workouts at MPDS, a one-stop pole and aerial fitness studio that houses a comprehensive-suite of fitness and dance classes.


Ladies practising their pole-dancing
Ladies practising their pole-dancing

Following the stunning success in Milan, Montréal and Dubai, Milan Pole Dance Studio has chosen Singapore to be their base in Asia. Located in the eclectic neighborhood of Bukit Pasoh, the studio offers intense yet fun workouts through its signature Pole & Aerial Fitness classes, ranging from Basic Pole Dance to Pole Gymnastics as well as Aerial Fabrics, Hoop and Silk classes.


Pole and Aerial Fitness is one of the fastest growing fitness trends in the world today and has become officially recognized as a sport. It is a discipline that promotes strength, flexibility and cardiovascular benefits combining dance, gymnastics and acrobatics.


Founder of Milan Pole Dance, Krystel Arbia, shared, “We have noticed that there is a growing demand in Asia who are constantly on a lookout for alternative ways of working out. As such, we take pride in introducing this fun and intense full body workout that we are certain many fitness enthusiasts will find excitement in.


Local co-owners Tracy Mak and Celeste Wang are determined to raise the profile of pole talents here. “There are many talents in Singapore and Asia who have the potential to take on bigger endeavours in the Pole and Aerial arena. With our world-class instructors and training programmes, we would like to groom the next generation of enthusiasts and help them realize their full potential on the global stage.” said Tracy.

MPDS is proud to have renowned instructors of Pole and Aerial Fitness and are winners of various international Pole Dance Championship titles. Visiting Master Trainer and French Pole Dance Champion 2010, Prana Ovide-Etienne will be in Singapore to teach during its opening months.



The 60-minute lessons consist of a very balanced training mix: warm up, technique training, choreography and stretching. Instructors follow a weekly schedule and structure, incorporating lifts, spins, tricks and combinations.


Dance routines and aerial acrobatics provide great cardiovascular benefits, whereas pole gym classes focus on improving technique and strength. Students are guaranteed an intense and effective workout at every level. Contortion classes provide focused training for back strength and flexibility whereas Twerk classes involve lots of cheeky dance moves and floor work that are favourites of many Hollywood celebrities. In Aerial Fabrics classes, students learn graceful yet strong tricks and choreographies on a spinning, suspended hammock.


For more information, please visit

Bare Your Sole 2014

Bare Your Sole 2014 will be held at Gardens by the Bay East (Rhu Cross) on the 12 Jul 9.00am to 12pm.

Find out more at

Bare Your Sole 2014



Volunteers Spread Christmas Cheer with “Cups of Love”

Singapore, 21 December 2011 – Forty kids from Child at Street 11 moo-ed carols
along with Santa Cow and other volunteers  yesterday during an early Christmas
celebration hosted by Ben & Jerry’s at The Cathay scoop shop. Organised by the
hardworking elves of the Temasek Polytechnic Community Service Club and
supported by Ben & Jerry’s, this event is part of the Club’s “Cups of Love”
programme, aimed at bringing joy to less privileged children, while  promoting the
spirit of caring and volunteerism in Temasek Polytechnic’s student body with some
cups of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

In November, student leaders in the Community Service Club sold 2,040 cups of
Ben & Jerry’s ice cream on campus to raise funds for the Cups of Love programme.
These funds will be used to stage fun-tastic events for economically and socially
disadvantaged children in homes and centres across Singapore, starting with Child
at Street 11, a provider of high quality early years education to children, many of
whom come from disadvantaged families. As an added incentive for the students to
participate, Ben & Jerry’s will donate a cup of ice cream for each cup sold, to be
distributed amongst the children at these events.

“Organisations like Child at Street 11 play an important role in the lives of
disadvantaged young children and their families. Our committee felt that it was only
natural that we pitched in to help and do something nice for them this Christmas,”
said Keith Lim, President of the Temasek Polytechnic Community Service Club,
“Through Ben & Jerry’s generous support, the Community Service Club has been
able to expand and deepen our Cups of Love programme.”

At  yesterday’s Cups of Love event, the children were treated to a fun-filled
afternoon of games and interactive activities, led by student volunteers and Child at
Street 11 caregivers.  Many Ben & Jerry’s moo-niacs also  helped put smiles on 2
faces by donating gifts for the children after a call for support on the Ben & Jerry’s
Facebook page. And of course, there was loads of ice cream for everybody!
In the coming months, the remaining quantity of ice cream cups will be distributed
at events and visits scheduled with various homes, care centres and organisations
identified by the Community Service Club.

“When we were approached  with the Cups of Love programme, we knew it was
something we had to support. Ben & Jerry’s places great importance of on social
activism and doing good, but we also believe it is important to encourage and be
supportive of those who are looking to do good in their own communities,” said
Kenneth Lau, Brand Champion at Ben & Jerry’s Singapore, “Through our platform
of Fairness, we are working to empower Singaporeans to take ownership of social,
economic and environmental issues, and support them in their mission to create a
better, fairer community for all Singaporeans.”



The current crisis has wiped out the global market confidence but not the ambitions of the entrepreneurs.


And the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (ASME) and the Rotary Club are aiming to recognise those who have succeeded this year despite the many obstacles. 



















The Entrepreneur of the Year Award is now into its 21st year. It seeks to honour successful entrepreneurs who have been able to recognise opportunities, take appropriate actions and accept the associated risks.
Past winners include homegrown firms like Charles and Keith, Breadtalk and Qian Hu.


What are the qualifying requirements? 

  1. The Candidate must be an entrepreneur who has been in business for at least three years, and has demonstrated outstanding entrepreneurial qualities in growing and developing the business.
  2. The Candidate must be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident, who is above 21 years of age.
  3. The Candidate’s company must have a minimum 30% local equity.
  4. If the Candidate owns between 10% and 30% of the Company’s shares, he/she has to be nominated by the Board of Directors.
  5. Total fixed production assets of the Candidate’s company should not exceed S$30 million. Total number of employees must not exceed 400 if the Candidate’s business belongs to the service industry.
  6. The Candidate’s company must neither be a listed company nor a subsidiary of a listed company.
  7. The Candidate’s company must hold at least three years of audited books of accounts, which must be submitted for evaluation.

Submissions for the award will close at noon on June 30, 2009. Visit the website at


how 3r is practised in prison?


I was travelling on SBS Bus no. 5 to my dad’s factory and I saw rows of door hangers near the ceiling of the bus. The one that captured my attention is the job advertisement by Singapore Prison Service.












(Pic above) “Do Not Disturb” side


Captains of Lives. 3R stands for Rehab, Renew and Restart
















(Pic above) “What Do You See” side


The other side of the door hanger shows a picture illustrating visual perception. This picture can be interpreted as “outside the cell” and “inside the cell”.  


It is an interesting campaign and probably, they are expecting many applicants to join Singapore Prison Service.





Sponsored Review: Microsoft Press – Win a Xbox 360

A lot of people might not know of Microsoft Press but among software developers, Microsoft Press is not an unfamiliar name. For the benefits of those who don’t know, Microsoft Press is the publishing arm of Microsoft which releases books primarily dealing with Microsoft technologies.

So what book I got from Microsoft Press?

general 031


(Picture above) “Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition.”

Unlike most of the software guidebooks you found in the market, this book is rather “readable”. As an amateur, I like the short and sweet step-by-step description as what really concern to me are the examples and tutorial practices. This is one of the key attributes that I look at when comes to buying of such guidebook.

Through an end-to-end example, it helps me to understand some of the essential skills to build a working Web site, plus the fundamental skills needed to advance to the next level of Web development—ASP.NET.

The author – Eric Griffin is a senior Technical Strategy Advisor at Microsoft. He has led and mentored developers creating a variety of commercial applications. He is also the author of “Foundations of Popfly: Rapid Mashup Development.”

This book comes with a CD that contains searchable ebook and exercises.



For Singapore amateur and professional developers, if you have some books which you want to buy, you can visit If you are a member with Microsoft community, you can enjoy a 30% discount with Partner Code. For terms and condition, please visit the official website at

That’s not all. You may also stand a chance to win 3 Xbox 360 and 15 Microsoft Office 2007 if you purchase book from Microsoft Press






Thanks to blog2u for making this review possible.

Updates from TAWA and TND

Hi guys! Sorry for not updating The Neo Dimension (TND) for some time.

Recently, I was helping The Young Businessman as a guest blogger. The latest blog post that I have written for The Young Businessman is “Should Entrepreneurs Venture in Recession-Resistant Industry”

Also, I was being interviewed by Chasing The Storm on the entrepreneurship experience with Technopreneurs’ Association of Wireless Applications (TAWA). Questions are well thought and to a certain extend, it is a public’s impression of TAWA.

Will update you guys more about the latest development of TAWA.

Sponsored Review: Feel the air of entrepreneurialism!

Feel lost in the job market? Lack of motivation? I believe these are some emotional struggles among young Singaporean. However in the midst of poor market condition, there always exist an opportunity. Successful entrepreneurs usually emerge during bad weather. Why not get yourself de-stressed and feel the air of entrepreneurialism with Global Entrepreneurship Week 2008?

Global Entrepreneurship Week (The Week) lasts from 17 to 23 Nov 2008. It is a celebration of innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity. The Week will bring together millions of young people across the globe through online and local activities and encourage them to think innovatively and unleash their ideas.

This is not an “All Talk, No Action” event. M.Y. FBI Holiday Camp, targeted at children (age 10-12), will required participants to think of creative ideas to sell their craft on 22nd November as a closing for the camp. All profits will go to a charity benefiting children which will be selected by the participants themselves.

Besides business educations for the young children, Youths-4 Charity Flea market is targeted at youths from Secondary Schools and ITE with a focus on social entrepreneurship. Youths-4 Charity Flea market is a competition. Each team will be required to produce items/ crafts for sale on the flea market. To make the competition more realistic, rental and interest will be imposed.

The Global Entrepreneurship Week 2008 is organised by ACE and NUS Enterprise. The sponsored review is provided by BLOG2u ( If you wish to find out more information of the event, please visit the official site:

Business Times – S’pore firm scores mobile wallet success abroad


WITH Singapore’s efforts to promote payments via mobile phones slow to get off the ground, a local firm is dialling overseas to exploit the market potential of this emerging technology.  



Following the success of earlier trials, Cassis International is working with a Malaysian operator on the commercial rollout of its mobile wallet initiative, according to company CEO Chua Thian Yee. This comes on the heels of a similar deployment for Korea’s SK Telecom (stock quote: SKM)in 2007.

The homegrown tech upstart, formed in 2002 by a group of executives from the smartcard industry, plays an integral role in realising the payment promise of near field communication (NFC), the technology that is being used to allow consumers to tap and pay for purchases with their handsets.

This is because Cassis provides the solutions needed to allow financial services players to securely distribute credit-card and other payment applications over the air to NFC-enabled mobile phones. By loading the relevant applications, the phone can be used to pay for everything from train rides to burgers and movie tickets.

Cassis was roped in for all the NFC trials that were sanctioned by Visa International(stock quote: V),  and is the only Asian firm on the payment provider’s international mobile payment platform consortium.

Helped by the two overseas projects, the firm is expected to maintain its revenue growth at 30 per cent in 2008, but its big break could come within the next year with more commercial rollouts around the world.

‘2009 will be a big year for us,’ Mr Chua told BizIT in an interview on Tuesday, without disclosing details of the deals in the pipeline.

To tackle its overseas projects, the company currently has a team of 70 staff across Malaysia, China, Korea, France, and its headquarters in Singapore.

While inter-operability and fragmentation issues dogged earlier attempts to promote mobile payments, Mr Chua is confident that the outcome will be different this time around with NFC.

Instead of loading credit-card applications into the chip of a plastic card, the data is instead sent over the cellular network to an NFC handset. There is no need to replace existing payment terminals, Mr Chua stressed.

‘NFC uses a standard that has already been established. It’s not about introducing new equipment but merely using another form factor (the mobile phone instead of a plastic credit card) to pay using the same transaction terminal,’ Mr Chua said.

While telcos in countries such as Japan and Korea have introduced mobile payments, local operators here are just starting to dip their toes into the fledgling technology.

Singapore Telecommunications and its partners Nets and United Overseas Bank are assessing the feasibility of a new coupon redemption feature with NFC-enabled handsets.

Rival StarHub, however, has chosen to join hands with Japanese operator NTT Docomo (stock quote: NTT) to test out the latter’s Osaifu-Keitai mobile wallet platform in Singapore.

Source Business Times 20 Oct 2008