Product review on Sony walkman

I would like to make known to you guys that the review of Sony Walkman is up at The Neo Dimension! But….it is not written by me. I have passed the device to a lady friend of mine who is rather new in the Singapore blogosphere.  This is her first review on technology product and I have to say that it is a very well-written one. You may wish to read her review below.

“ Ok, so some of you might have seen the new wearable Sony Walkman® on advertisements. If you are thinking of getting one of these lovely MP3 players, then you have come to the right place. Here, I will give you a showdown of Sony’s latest Walkman® MP3 player – NWZ-W202.

The Physical Design

NWZ-W202 features a new wearable style that does not involve any headphone cords. Well to be exact, the cord is stiff and shaped such that the set warps around your head. So you can say goodbye to the days when you have to wrestle with tangled cords that always gets into the way.

The earpiece does fit comfortably, though it required a bit of time to find the right angle to wear it and getting used to it. Once worn correctly, the player sets snugly around the head and stays in place even when I ran with it. Therefore, this set should serve sports enthusiasts and gym goers very well. However, the mini USB port on the bottom of the right earpiece is not covered, so people who sweat a lot might have to be a little more careful not to let sweat enter the mini USB port.

For users who carry their laptops or bags in one hand and thus have the habit of operating their players single-handedly might want to note the following point. The only time I found the design not-so-user-friendly was when I removed the headset to pick up a call and I tried to put the player back on single-handedly. Perhaps the complication arises from the fact that I had long hair and I was trying to cover up the player with my hair. Users who have short hair or have their hair tied up shouldn’t have problems wearing the player single-handedly.

Features of the device

The Sony Walkman® NWZ-W202 offers a memory of 2GB. I find that 2GB memory is decent enough, though I would always welcome a bigger storage capacity. And like all other Sony Walkman®, the NWZ-W202 offers good sound quality.

MMF@suntec 27 - 29 APR 014

All the controls are on the right earpiece. The jog dial and volume controls are on the bottom, and the shuffle switch is on the back. To switch on the player, first separate the two earpieces which are held together by a magnet, and then press and hold the jog dial. To switch off the player, you simply attach the two earpieces together. It was quite easy to get used to the controls, so operating the device should be a smooth experience for most people. The shuffle switch is more difficult to operate while wearing the player though.

NWZ-W202 features this ZAPPIN™ function whereby users can listen to 4 seconds excerpts (ZAPPIN™ short) or 15 seconds excerpts (ZAPPIN™ long) then select the song they want to listen to. To change to ZAPPIN™ playback, simply press and hold the jog dial until “Zappin in” is heard when the player is in normal playback mode. To trigger between ZAPPIN™ short and ZAPPIN™ long, press and hold the jog dial until “Zappin short” or “Zappin long” is heard. When you hear the excerpt of the song you want to listen to, simply press the jog dial and you will be back in normal playback mode.

While this can be a pretty handy way to find your songs, my grievances about the player is that once you select a song and go back to normal playback, the player doesn’t automatically go into ZAPPIN™ mode so that you can select your next song. Instead, it just continues to play the next song as it would in normal mode. It would be lovely if there is an option to go back to ZAPPIN™ mode automatically so that you can continue to select songs. So for myself, I have chosen to keep forwarding to the next track until I find a song that I like instead of using the ZAPPIN™ feature. Nonetheless, ZAPPIN™ is still a cool feature to have.

­Battery life

NWZ-W202 has quick charge ability where 3 minutes of charging will provide approximately 90 minutes of playback time. This is handy when you’re in a rush and needs to power up your player quickly.

Sony claims that playback at MP3 128 kbps will give approximately 12 hours of playback time, whilst playback at WMA 128 kbps or AAC-LC 128 kbps will give approximately 10 hours of playback time. It takes about 1.5 hours to charge the player fully.

Of course I didn’t get the full 10 hours of playback when I tested the player, but when fully charged, the player can certainly last you throughout the day.


In conclusion, the Sony Walkman® NWZ-W202 is definitely a strong contender to Apple’s iPod shuffle and should appeal to gym goers who want a practical, simple player with good sound quality.

The NWZ-W202 comes in five juicy colours (Black, Pink, Green, Purple and White) and retails at SGD129.



– Cordless style

– Player fits snugly and holds well during exercise

– Comfortable controls

– Simple interface

– Good sound quality

– Decent battery life & quick charge

– Affordable price

– Choice of colours


– Mini USB port is not covered

– Limitations of ZAPPIN™ feature “

Sorry guys, I can’t reveal her blog site as she has said to me that she will rather remain anonymous.

Meet global business leaders at mobile marketing forum asia 2009 in singapore

Mobile Marketing Forum Asia 2009 is organized by Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) and co-organized by Singapore infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF). Supported by Infocomm Development  Authority (IDA) of Singapore, the forum brings together the entire mobile marketing ecosystem to discuss developments and best practices in the industry at Suntec City Convention Centre.


I was very glad to be invited by Joan and Jeff from the Rice Communication as the technology blogger for this event. The event is truly a cohesive community of mobile businesses. Within the short 2 days, visitors will be expecting more than 40 talks on mobile marketing and the available technology that has changed the way businesses communicate with their customers.

MMF@suntec 27 - 29 APR 119 (Picture above) Program Schedule

The 2-day event connects regulators, brands, agencies, content aggregators, carriers, device manufacturers, technology developers and other major players in the mobile marketing industry. The event also includes a special focus on Visual Code to highlight ongoing technology developments with barcodes, zap codes, QR and similar interactive modes of content capture.

MMF@suntec 27 - 29 APR 099

MMF@suntec 27 - 29 APR 100 (Picture above) Complimentary TCC’s Premium Coffee

Another interesting element of the event is live streaming where attendees can text in their questions via the live stream platform which are projected on to the event screen. The live streaming is done by

     MMF@suntec 27 - 29 APR 105 (Picture above) Live Questions from abroad

In my opinion, marketing is about communication with the customers. MMF highlights the key essences of mobile marketing in Asia and this has certainly benefited not only for those who are already in the mobile business but also, companies which are currently exploring mobile as the new channel to engage their customers. 

The event happens on 28 & 29 Apr 2009.

For more information about the event, please visit

Swarm, Share and Save – New Web Portal By DELL

I was informed about the launch of DELL’s latest web portal – DELL Swarm, an interactive website that serves to expand DELL’s business scope in the digital space. Thanks Tania from Ogily for inviting bloggers to attend the session at Geek Terminal. So what exactly Swarm is? A Swarm is a group that forms to buy selected Dell laptops powered by the latest Intel® processors for less.

 DELL 037

How it works?


Start by picking the laptop you would like to purchase.

Be the first buyer to join a Swarm and you’ll enjoy a price lower than’s best discounted price (after cash rebates)


Join a Swarm after, and you’ll enjoy a new, lower price – as will all the other buyers. To see the range of prices, simply slide the Swarm price bar downwards.


When you’re ready to join the Swarm, click on the Buy button, register and we’ll contact you once the Swarm ends and the price is finalised. This happens once the limit of 15 buyers or 72 hours is reached.



To get the maximum discount, grow the Swarm by Sharing with your friends.



If you are not ready to buy, you can follow the swarm. You’ll then receive updates via email and SMS


So when is the launch of the site?

Currently, the site is in Beta and it will be up on 5th May 2009. The following will be the first batch of DELL products of Swarm.

a. Inspiron Mini 12
There’s a new kid in town. One that’s super thin and ultra-portable – the Inspiron Mini 12, weighing in at less than 1.1" thick and 1.236 kg.
• Intel® Atom TM Z530 Processor
• Vibrant 12.1" display
• Advanced wireless options for superior mobility
• Dynamic and customisable user interface

b. Dell Studio 14
Get creative and connected with this personalised, Hi-Def, 14.1" widescreen laptop with rich multimedia features.
• Powered by Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor T6600 for compact performance
• Experience intuitive interaction with multimedia keys, which illuminate when touched.
• Sleek and Stylish
Products on offer the 2nd week (12th May 2009):

c. Dell Studio XPS M1340
Blending power with elegance, the Studio XPS 1340 is designed to deliver the ultimate mobile laptop experience.
• The latest Intel® Core™2 Duo processors P8600 for blazing fast performance
• Premium design with genuine leather accents, anodised aluminum, edge-to-edge display and
backlit keyboard
• Optional NVIDIA® Hybrid SLI graphics deliver incredibly lifelike videos, movies and gaming
• Watch all your DVD movies in brilliant HD with automated hi-def up-conversion

d. Dell Studio 14
Get creative and connected with this personalised, Hi-Def, 14.1" widescreen laptop with rich multimedia features.
• Powered by Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor T6400 for compact performance
• Experience intuitive interaction with multimedia keys, which illuminate when touched.
• Sleek and Stylish

Visit on the 5th May 2009! Stay tuned! Tags: ,,,

Get Unlimited Music Download By Sony Ericsson and SingTel

PlayNow plus logo

SINGAPORE, 23 April 2009 – SingTel and Sony Ericsson announced the exclusive launch of PlayNow™ plus, an all-you-can-eat music buffet service. SingTel Customers will be the first in Asia Pacific to enjoy the freedom to discover, download, play and recommend unlimited music wherever and whenever, directly from the phone.


PlayNow™ plus allows users to download as much music as they want from all major record labels – Sony BMG, Universal, Warner and EMI alongside with top regional labels like HIM, Rock Records and Ocean Butterflies and selected independent labels. SingTel customers will enjoy the service free for one year!

singtel sony ericsson 101 

With the revolutionary compression technology – eAAC+ music format, user can download music from PlayNow™ plus directly to their phone less than a minute. Equipped with the 4GD Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™), users can store close to 4000 songs (eAAC+ format) in the latest Sony Ericsson Walkman phone, SE W705. Through the Stereo Portable Handsfree HPM-77, the SE W705 delivers crystal clear sound as well as clear bass qualities.


PlayNow™ plus users no longer worry about the expensive data charges from the Telcos. For the music lovers who buy a SE W705, SingTel is offering them an additional free 12-month data bundle as part of their SingTel Mobile price plan, without them having to sign up for a new plan. The free data bundle of 200MB ffered by SingTel is equivalent to about 200 songs download every month.

 singtel sony ericsson 017

The SE W705 will be available in Singapore from Apr 2009 in Luxury Silver and Passionate Red (exclusive for SingTel subscribers).


The SE W705 with PlayNow™ plus is exclusively available only at SingTel at the following prices:

Price Plan Monthly Subscription FREE monthly data bundle (with unlimited data for the first month) Price of SE W705
iOne Plus $25.68 200MB $298
iTwo Value $48.15 200MB $198
iTwo Plus $82.93 200MB $98


For more information on PlayNow™ plus, please visit the website:

Go learn photography with Sony Digital Camera Workshop


dsc000351Finally I got time to go for a proper camera workshop! Thanks to Blog2u and Sony for organizing digital camera workshop for the bloggers! Since this is a digital camera workshop, everyone of us will get a Sony DSC T90! Disclaimer! I mean the camera is given to you for practice only. I absolutely love the camera but we still had to return them after the workshop! 🙁   



Hey you thought we, bloggers are expert in photography (because we have tonnes of experience camwhoring!) So what’s there for us to learn?! Come on! Photography is an Art and certainly, there will be something we might find it useful.


dsc000331So who is our Trainer? Kenneth Teo is the Sony Digital Imaging Trainer. If you want to know more about him, you may visit Sony support site – “Night Photography Outing” (The event has already over but there contains some information of Kenneth)


The entire workshop was about 2 hours but Kenneth spent only about 30 minutes on theory. Most of the time was spent on photo shot @Toast Box.



So what have we learnt?

Technical aspect

  • Shutter affects movement – slower shutter speed means the blurrer the image becomes. The Sony T90 provides you an option to adjust the ISO of the camera to capture image with lesser blur. The higher the ISO, the lesser blur it gets on the focus


  • When shooting buildings or landscapes, always keep the horizon and object that you are going to take straight to get the best effect
  • Use slow sync on the Sony T90 to make the background picture brighter as compared to the normal traditional mode
  • For food photography, minimize all distractions by zooming. Avoid using flash and use high ISO. The food looks better when taken at bowl level too.

My takeaway of the workshop? 

Food photo has never easy to take. The workshop has shared very good tips in food photo. Follow the principles and try different angles, you may get the best shot.


If you want to find out more about the workshop, the website is

Neo is reviewing Se c510 cyber-shot


Those who have followed my blog closely will have known that I was invited to the media launch of Sony Ericsson C510 Cyber-shot. Last week, I manage to receive the handset from Sony Ericsson.



To begin with, I would like to let you guys know that I am a smart phone user and most of the Sony Ericsson phones are not really my cup of tea (with the exception of Xperia X1) .


However, as an avid Facebook lover, the Facebook application in the C510 manage to attract my attention. Sony Ericsson has integrated the Facebook application with its own proprietary operating system – A2. The user interface has been very easy to use. There is no need for me to browse the manual trying to understand the different features of the phone.


The Facebook application has made upload of the photos pretty seamless. You snap the picture and send to your Facebook via GPRS/3G  service all in a single page. 


Loading and unloading of data has been rather sluggish. I’ve tried browsing Channel News Asia home page using a Starhub 7.2mps. The web experience has not been satisfactory as it took about 30-45 seconds to finish loading the page and some of the links can’t be opened in the Access NetFront™ Web browser. The network covers only GSM/GPRS/EDGE 900/1800/1900/UMTS/HSPA 2100 and there is no WiFi


sony ericsson c510










 Picture taken by C510: “Reading article on C510”

 wisma ceiling














Picture taken by C510: Wisma Glass Ceiling

 smile shutter










Picture taken by C510: “Smile Shutter Technology”


Sony Ecrisson Cyber-shot is renowned for the quality of the camera. I am kind of surprise the SE C510 can only support to 3.2 megapixel. From the photos above, you can see the quality is only decent for web viewing. However, there are other interesting applications such as the Smile Shutter and Face detection that enhance your user experience.     


The size of the SE C510 is 107 x 47 x 12.5 mm and weight 92 grams. Pretty handy given the number of in-built features.


The phone is currently in stores and the recommended retail price is $448/-(no contract)



– Handy and easy-to-use user interface, value-for-money  



– Slow connection to the web and no WiFi


p.s. View more photo taken by C510 here

SONY Latest "no-screen" Walkman


I was invited by Hill and Knowton, Public Relations firm of Sony, for the launch of Sony’s new Walkman W series at Kallang Leisure Park. For those who have already known, Kallang Leisure Park is pretty inaccessible. Worse, it was raining cats and dogs then and I had to catch a cab in order to reach there (erm…i was slightly late but luckily, I didn’t miss much of the media launch)


The word “Walkman” was coined by Sony in the 1970s and signified the beginning of portable music devices. Walkman brand has been entrenched in everybody’s minds during the 1990s. Back then, Sony was the only brand when comes to selection of portable audio cassette or CD player. Despite the price was slightly higher, people still selected Sony Walkman at that time.


Today, we are flooded with numerous products and the price has been significantly cheaper. I have been longing to see Sony to come out with new and innovative portable music player to compete in such a “crowded” market. The new Walkman W series by Sony introduces a wireless headphone design with music playback capability. It offers a hands-free way of enjoying mobile music by allowing consumers to “wear” their music. IMG_6667


Without a screen, nagivation is an issue. Sony attempts to solve this problem with their ZAPPIN(TM) technology. While the ZAPPIN(TM) technology is activated, users will hear the main chorus of each song in their music library. This lets users easily scan their playlists for their desired song by simply listening, without having to view a display screen to navigate through tracks.


Another advantage of the new Walkman® is its long battery life. With a 1.5 hour charge, a user can enjoy up to 12 hours of music. On-the-go users will also benefit from the W series’ quick charge function which allows the device to playback up to 90 minutes of music with only 3 minutes of charging time.


The new Walkman® W series NWZ-W202 will be available in Singapore in the 3rd week of April 2009 with a retail price of S$129.00, inclusive of GST.


For more information, please visit Sony website at

Easy facebooking with the latest se c510 cyber-shot phone


Sony Ericsson has recently launched the latest phone in the C-series family, SE C510 Cyber-shot(TM). The new phone allows easy and intuitive access to Facebook, the world’s most popular social networking site.


The media launch held on Wednesday, 8 Apr 2009, at Bakerzin, Vivo City featured the new Facebook(TM) application on SE C510. As a Facebook(TM) enthusiast, I was certainly not going to miss out the opportunity to play with this phone.


The new Facebook(TM) application allows you to be always “connected” with your Facebook(TM) friends. You can stay updated on their friends’ status directly from their phone’s desktop (standby screen).


Hill and Knowton, PR company of Sony Ericsson, organized a mini Amazing Race in Vivo City. In the game, we were required to take picture with SE C510 and upload it to Facebook(TM). (Warning: Don’t try to do this with your mobile broadband unless you have those unlimited access plan! You won’t want to be shocked when you receive your bill at the end of the month!) 

sony ecrisscon media launch 023








We were divided into 4 groups each containing around 5-7 people. I am in Group 4, the Mighty Bloggers United! Oh yeah! we won the game!!! 










Station 1: Giant Hyper Mart


SE Smile Shutter







Station 2: Taken with Sony Smile Shutter (TM) Technology 


SE C950









Station 3: SE C905, 8.1 Megapixel camera phone

All the photos taken during the game are of 1 Megapixel quality so as to facilitate quicker upload to the Facebook(TM).  


I will be getting a set of SE C510 soon. Stay tuned for the “Unboxing of SE C510” next week. 


Existing owners of C510 Cyber-shot(TM) who wish to have the Facebook(TM) application, can contact Sony Ericsson Customer Support at +65 6744 0733.



  • 3.2 Megapixel Camera with Smile Shutter(TM) Technology
  • Bluetooth(TM) Stereo (A2DP)
  • Access NetFront(TM) Web browser
  • Predictive Text Input
  • Email and Instant Messaging
  • FM radio with RDS
  • Facebook(TM) and YouTube(TM)
  • Auto Rotate Feature
  • Google Maps (TM)
  • Scratch-resistant Main Screen
  • Phone Memory: Up to 100MB
  • Memory Card Supports to 1GB Memory Stick Micro (TM) (M2)
  • Size: 107 x 47 x 12.5 mm
  • Weight: 92 grams
  • Available in Black, Silver and Red  

Visit Sony Ericsson website for more details:



Nokia: Rumour Escalated!!

According to the, it is rumoured that Nokia (stock quote: NOK) has already engaged Taiwan’s Foxconn (富士康)to manufacture netbook. Foxconn (富士康) is the trade name of the Taiwan based firm Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. (Ltd.) (stock quote: HHPD). Foxconn is the largest manufacturer of electronics and computer components worldwide, and mainly manufactures or original design manufactures (ODM) for other companies.


I have mentioned in my previous blog post that it is not impossible for Nokia to enter the netbook market. (Blog post: WOW! NOKIA LAPTOP! SOUNDS COOL BUT…) It made perfect sense for Nokia to work with Foxconn to produce computing devices. However, is it really so simple that Nokia is going to netbook market, the one flooded with competitors?


Foxconn has produced the Mac mini, the iPod and the iPhone for Apple Computer; Intel-branded motherboards for Intel Corp.; various orders for American computer retailers Dell, Inc. and Hewlett Packard; the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3for Sony; the Wii for Nintendo;the Xbox 360 for Microsoft, cell phones for Motorola, and the Amazon Kindle.