Press Release – goGame aims for global mobile games publishing with investments from SEGA and Incubate Fund

Japanese video game giant SEGA is making its foray into global mobile games publishing through its investments in homegrown start-up goGame. SEGA Networks, the mobile games division of SEGA, together with Japan’s leading early-stage venture capitalist Incubate Fund are the initial investors in four-­month old goGame.

I am lucky to be invited for a media tour at their office located at Pixel Red.  During the tour, David Ng, Founder and CEO of goGame, has shared with us his corporate life and how he has founded goGame. He has also shared the importance of goGame’s role in filling up the missing gaps of the global gaming industry.

David Ng, CEO of goGame.
David Ng, CEO of goGame.


“It’s not enough to just make a good mobile game. Success requires marketing, analytics, customer management, customer acquisition, localisation and many other essential but laborious processes to be in place which can be very daunting for new game makers.”

David Ng, CEO of goGame

To read the full press release, see below

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OPPO R7s Delivers Style and Performance in a 5.5-inch phablet

Singapore, November, 2015 – The ever-evolving smartphone brand OPPO launch its newest member of the R7 series, the R7s on November 26, 2015. Apart from its impressive 4GB RAM, the R7s inherits the metal unibody design of the R7 series and boasts a more expansive 5.5-inch AMOLED 2.5D screen (larger than the R7 and R7 Plus) backed up with the strength of 4th-generation Corning Gorilla Glass, a generous 3070 mAh battery and 32GB of expandable storage.

With elegant curves, air-craft grade metal unibody and a 2.5D arc-edge glass screen, the R7s is as much a pleasure to hold as it is to look at.

The R7s is the brand’s first smartphone to sport 4GB of RAM on the latest Color OS allowing users, particularly those with higher media consumption, to enjoy speedier app launches and boot speeds. Even with the enhancements made for better performance, the R7s still maintains its sleekness – in fact, it is slimmer and lighter than its predecessor, the R7 Plus.

Managing Director of OPPO Singapore, Sean Deng, said “The OPPO R7s is a definite front runner for being a premium smartphone that caters specifically to users who want a larger screen phone that lasts longer and has better performance, without a hefty price tag.”

Style in a Flash: Key Features of the R7s

  • Flash Performance with 4GB RAM and ColorOS2.1

    The OPPO R7s boasts flash-speed performance with 4GB RAM, 32 GB ROM, and an 8-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor. Users can look forward to lightning-fast downloads of games and programs and smooth multitasking performance to match. The R7s’ dual-sim card slot also supports expandable memory up to an additional 128GB, allowing users to take more of their favourite media with them wherever they go.

    OPPO’s in-house ColorOS 2.1, which is based on the Android 5.1, has been thoroughly upgraded. It now has a faster boot-up and is optimised for power saving, meanwhile providing a more elegant and intuitive interface, smoother operation, better image experience and richer mobile Internet services.

  • Flash Charging x High Battery Capacity

    The high capacity battery
    boasts 3070 mAh of capacity, and comes paired with VOOC Flash Charge technology, which gives 2 hours of talk time with just 5 minutes of charging. With VOOC Flash Charge, the R7s can charge up to 90% in only 50 minutes.

    To test battery life, OPPO used a mechanical arm to simulate real-world use of the phone. The arm mimics human actions, doing everything from going online, to taking pictures and talking on the phone. The tests clocked the R7s battery at 13 hours and 15 minutes, long enough to use the phone continuously from morning until night.

  • Capture Fleeting Moments with Flash Shot

    Like other R7s series devices, the R7s camera uses Flash Shot technology, a triple-threat feature that assures fast launch, fast focus and stable imaging. The R7s boasts of a specially developed Hybrid Focus, combining Phase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF) and Contrast Auto Focus to capture brilliant images even in low light settings. The Hybrid Focus feature is equal to that of an SLR camera that opens 30% faster than before. A smart anti-shake optimisation algorithm for both the rear-facing 13-megapixel and front-facing 8-megapizel cameras enables users to capture clear, beautiful pictures even in fast-paced situations.

The lightning-quick functionality of the camera is paired with OPPO’s Pure Image 2.0 platform, providing a versatile range of plug-ins to please everyone from the aspiring photographer to the selfie fanatic.

  • Take Unforgettable Selfies with Screen Flash

    Released as part of ColorOS 2.1 in May 2015, the groundbreaking Screen Flash feature uses a burst of light from the display to brighten the faces of selfie snappers even in low light. Together with the Beautify 3.0 plug-in, Screen Flash ensures that selfies taken with the R7s will always be stunning.

The R7s (SGD599) comes in Gold (available from November 26) and Rose Gold (available from December) from the following retailers:

  • OPPO Concept Stores
    • #01-627, 3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City, 038983
    • 333 Geylang Road, Singapore 389364 (open 24 hours)
  • All M1, Singtel and StarHub stores
  • All authorised dealers

Market Insights – Eight Out of Ten Singapore Consumers Surveyed Believe They Will Experience Online Crime

Norton Cybersecurity Insights Report finds
consumers believe it is more likely their credit card information will be stolen while shopping online than from their wallets

Singapore – November 2015 – Norton by Symantec (NASDAQ: SYMC), released its findings from the Norton Cybersecurity Insights Report, which sheds light on the truths of online crime and the personal effect it has on consumers.

The report found that globally, 62 percent of consumers believed it’s more likely their credit card information will be stolen online compared to only 38 percent who think it’s more likely they will lose credit card information from their wallets. Additionally, 47 percent reported they have been affected by cybercrime. In Singapore:

  • Approximately seven in 10 (69 percent) Singaporeans believe using public Wi-Fi is riskier than using a public restroom
  • Seven in 10 (70 percent) consumers think that storing their credit card and banking information in the cloud is riskier than not wearing a seatbelt
  • More than seven in 10 (71 percent) consumers believe getting their credit information stolen after shopping online is more likely than having their credit card stolen out of their wallet
Gavin Lowth, VP Norton Consumer & Small Business AP & Japan – Source Instagram user @weewu

“Consumer confidence was rocked in 2014 by an unprecedented number of mega breaches that exposed the identities of millions of people who were simply making routine purchases from wellknown retailers,” said Gavin Lowth, Vice President, Norton Consumer and Small Business, Asia Pacific and Japan. “Our findings demonstrate the headlines rattled people’s trust in online activity, but the threat of cybercrime hasn’t led to widespread adoption of simple protection measures people should take to safeguard their information online.”

Who tops the list of those most aware of online security practices in Singapore? Baby Boomers – a group often considered less tech savvy – report more secure online habits than Millennials. While Millennials, born in the digital era, often throw caution to the wind with 33 percent admitting to sharing passwords and other risky online behavior.

Consumers Get Frustrated With Cybercrime

Across the 17 countries surveyed, Singapore consumers lost an average of 20 hours over the past year dealing with the fallout of online crime and nearly SGD545 per person – totaling roughly SGD5.49B. On top of this loss, cybercrime takes a true emotional toll with 6 in 10 (61 percent) of consumer cybercrime victims in Singapore feeling frustrated after becoming a victim. Further, in Singapore:

  • More than eight in 10 (82 percent) of respondents said they’d feel devastated if their personal financial information was compromised
  • About seven in 10 (74 percent) respondents believe dealing with the consequences of a stolen identity is more stressful than preparing for a presentation at work (52 percent)
  • Nearly seven out of 10 (68 percent) respondents are more stressed when they realize that they have downloaded a virus than sitting next to a screaming baby on a plane (51 percent)
John Bai, Director Security Response Asia, Symantec – Source: Instagram user @weewu

Overconfident, But Underprepared

Despite concern and awareness of cybercrime, consumers are overconfident in their online security behaviors. When asked to grade their security practices, they consistently award themselves a solid “A.” But in reality, most are not passing the most basic requirement of online security: password use. In the Singapore:

  • Of those using passwords, only 3 in 10 (29 percent) respondents always use a secure password – a combination of at least eight letters, numbers and symbols. Worryingly, nearly one in four do not have a password on any device.
  • People are sharing passwords to online sensitive accounts with friends and family. Of those sharing passwords, almost one in four (23 percent) share the password to their banking account, and on average they are sharing passwords for two accounts, with the most common passwords shared being email (59 percent), social media (44 percent) and TV/media (16 percent).
  • Ironically, 80 percent believe it is riskier to share their email password with a friend than lend them their car (20 percent), yet half of those sharing passwords do just that.

Norton Top Tips to Stay Safe Online:

  • Choose a unique, smart, secure password for each account you have online. For tips on how to do this, click here.
  • Delete emails from senders you don’t know, and don’t click on attachments or links on suspicious-looking emails.
  • On social media sites if an offer sounds too good to be true, it just might be. Beware of the pitfalls of clicking on links from social media sites. Before clicking, hover the mouse over the link to see its destination. Only click on links that lead to reputable, official company pages.
  • Always monitor your financial accounts for unusual activity. If there is a charge that you didn’t make, report it immediately. Often cybercriminals will charge a small “test” amount before attempting to drain your bank account.
  • Don’t put off installing security software such as Norton Security and updating it regularly.
  • Use a secure backup solution to protect files and backup regularly so criminals can’t hold them for ransom.
  • Report cybercrime to the cyber cell or local police if you have been affected by cybercrime or identity theft.

To learn more about the real impact of cybercrime and how consumers can protect their digital information, go here
for more information.

About the Norton Cybersecurity Insights Report

The Norton Cybersecurity Insights Report is an online survey of 17,125 device users ages 18+ across 17 markets, commissioned by Norton by Symantec and produced by research firm Edelman Berland. The margin of error for the total sample is +/-0.75%. The Singapore sample reflects input from 1,009 Singapore device users ages 18+. The margin of error is +/- 3.09% for the total Singapore sample. Data was collected Aug. 25-Sept. 18, 2015 by Edelman Berland.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Now In Singapore

Microsoft has announced the retail availability of Surface Pro 4 in Singapore. Customers can buy the Surface Pro 4 Intel Core m, Core i5, and Core i7 models at, Challenger, Courts, Harvery Norman and Newstead as well as authorised commercial resellers. Check up hashtag #DoGreatThings

“Surface Pro 4 brings together the performance of a laptop and the full power of Windows 10 with the portability of tablet” said Arthur Huang, Director Consumer Channels Group, Microsoft Singapore. “Surface has transformed the category by focusing on productivity, creating a highly versatile device that people love to use”

Arthur Huang, Director of Consumer Channels Group, Microsoft Singapore at the launch of Surface Pro 4 – Source Instagram user @weewu
Technical Specification could be found at Microsoft site 
128GB 6th Generation Intel Core M3 with 4GB of Ram SGD1,399
128GB 6th Generation Intel Core i5 with 4GB of Ram SGD1,599
256GB 6th Generation Intel Core i5 with 8GB of Ram SGD1,999
256GB 6th Generation Intel Core i7 with 8GB of Ram SGD2,499
256GB 6th Generation Intel Core i7 with 16GB of Ram SGD2,799
512GB 6th Generation Intel Core i7 with 16GB of Ram SGD3,399
Type Cover SGD199
Docking Station SGD314
Surface Pen SGD94

Southeast Asia Businesses and Governments More Likely to be Targeted with Cyber Attacks: New Report from FireEye and Singtel

Entertainment, media and hospitality industries are most targeted; government is next A state-owned bank and an Asian telecommunications company were compromised

Singapore,     November     19,     2015     –     FireEye,     Inc.     (NASDAQ:     FEYE)     and     Singapore Telecommunications Limited (Singtel) today released a new report on advanced cyber attacks against organisations in Southeast Asia. In the first half of the year, organisations observed in the region faced a 45% higher risk of facing a targeted cyber attack than the global average. In the prior six-month period, they faced only a 7% higher risk.

Across the region, 29% of observed organisations were targeted with advanced cyber attacks in the first half of 2015. Thailand and the Philippines were hardest hit, with 40% and 39% of observed organisations exposed to these attacks, respectively.

Chart: Percentage of FireEye customers observed to have been affected by targeted malware (January – June 2015)

More than one-third of malware detections associated with advanced persistent threat (APT) groups originated within the entertainment, media and hospitality industries. By targeting media organisations, threat groups can gain access to news before it is published and potentially identify undisclosed sources.

FireEye observed at least 13 APT groups targeting national government organisations and at least four APT groups targeting regional or state governments around the world.

“Espionage isn’t new but it is increasingly conducted online, and Southeast Asia is a hot spot,” said Eric Hoh, president for Asia Pacific Japan at FireEye. “Geopolitics can drive cyber attacks. As

Southeast Asia becomes a larger economic player on the world stage and tensions flare in the South China Sea, organisations should be prepared for targeted attacks.”

William Woo, Managing Director, Enterprise Data and Managed Services at Singtel said, “The report emphasises the frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks against all types of industries and enterprises in the region. The risk of attack, faced by regional enterprises, is higher than the global average. Therefore these enterprises must make it a priority to reinforce their cyber defences. Even though APT attacks can be discovered within a shorter timeframe than before, which is currently after 205 days, this still leaves enterprises wide open to malicious activity within their breached environment. To avoid such a situation, it is imperative for enterprises to adopt preemptive measures, such as our cyber defence managed services, to safeguard their assets and customers, in order to protect their reputations.”

Threat intelligence is an important tool for organisations seeking to stay ahead of attackers. The report contains insights into recent developments in Southeast Asia’s cyber threat landscape, such as groups targeting prominent institutions to gather political and economic intelligence, the detection of a known cyber espionage campaign, and threat actors’ evolving techniques to evade detection.

State-owned Bank Compromised

FireEye observed malware beaconing from a state-owned bank in Southeast Asia. FireEye Threat Intelligence believes the malware, called CANNONFODDER, is most likely used by Asian cyber threat groups to collect political and economic intelligence. In late-2014, FireEye observed the malware beaconing from an Asian telecommunications company. In mid-2014, the company observed threat actors sending spear phishing emails with malicious attachments to employees of an Asian government.

Decade-Long Cyber Espionage Campaign Detected

In April 2015, FireEye released a report documenting an advanced persistent threat group referred to as APT30 which conducted a cyber espionage operation against businesses, governments and journalists in Southeast Asia for ten years. This group’s malware, called Lecna, comprised 7% of all detections at FireEye customers in Southeast Asia in the first half of 2015.

Stealthy Group Targets Southeast Asia Government

FireEye has been tracking ongoing activity associated with a unique and relatively stealthy group it first identified in 2013 as APT.NineBlog. One of the probable targets of the group’s 2015 campaign is a Southeast Asian government, based on the specificity of some of the decoy documents. The group’s malware uses encrypted SSL communications to evade detection. In addition, the malware attempts to detect the presence of applications used to analyze malware, and it quits if any is detected.

View the full report:


Lamch & Co Unveils Twist World Adapter series from One Adaptr

(Singapore, November 2015) Lamch & Co is pleased to unveil two new exciting additions to the Twist World Adapter series, the Twist World Adapter Duo and the Twist+ World Adapter Duo by OneAdaptr.


The all-in-one world adapters work globally with the patented Twist & Lock mechanism. Simply twist to select one of four most popular power sockets compatible in over 150 countries from Europe, Australia, China to North America, allowing you to simultaneously charge your MacBook and iPad or iPhone from one electrical outlet wherever you are. The built-in Max 3.4A high-powered dual USB charger charges twice as fast as your devices’ included charger and is compatible with the latest mobile technology.

The Twist World Adaptor was introduced as a kickstarter project last year and has successfully received more than USD 36,000. Take a look on the product demo below.

The Twist World Adapter DUO and Twist+ World Adapter Duo are now available at ante@TANGS at TANGS Plaza Level 3, ante@Suntec City Mall, ante@Vivo City,

Epicentre, Epilife, istudio, and retails at $65 and $69 respectively.

ASUS’ First Smartwatch, the ZenWatch 2, Now Available in Singapore


  • First ASUS smartwatch to launch in Singapore market at an affordable price tag of $229
  • ZenWatch 2 is a stylish and truly-personal wearable device powered by Android Wear
  • Able to be paired with both Andriod and iOS smartphones to provide the best smartwatch for all users
  • Available in 2 sizes for all wearers and a variety of interchangeable straps with more than 50 customisable watch faces
  • Long battery life of more than 2 days with a single charge
  • At-a-glance view of incoming calls, messages, notifications without the need to remove smartphones from pockets or bags and remotely accessing the smartphone camera


Singapore, November 2015 — ASUS announced the availability of the ASUS ZenWatch 2, which is ASUS’ first smartwatch in Singapore. It will be available at all ASUS brand stores and selected ASUS authorised retailers from tomorrow onwards at $229.

ZenWatch 2 (WI501Q)


ZenWatch 2 (WI502Q)



Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 400 Processor

Qualcomm® Snapdragon™400


Operating System

Android Wear

Android Wear

Memory &






AMOLED 1.63-inch

320 x 320

278 ppi

2-finger touch

AMOLED 1.45-inch

280 x 280

273 ppi

2-finger touch


Bluetooth® 4.1


Bluetooth® 4.1


Watch Crystal

2.5D curved Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3

2.5D curved Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3


6-Axis (A+G) with sensor-hub

6-Axis (A+G) with sensor-hub





Magnetic charging cable

Magnetic charging cable

Water Resistance




Silver, Gunmetal, Rose Gold

Silver, Gunmetal, Rose Gold



Rubber, leather, stainless steel


Rubber, leather, stainless steel


49 x 41mm

45 x 37 mm




To read the full press releases, see below

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#LogitechCREATE for the #iPadPro

SINGAPORE — November 2015 — Logitech unveiled its first accessories designed in collaboration with Apple to perfectly complement the aesthetics and features of the new iPad Pro​™​: the Logitech CREATE Backlit Keyboard Case with Smart Connector and the Logitech CREATE Protective Case with Any­angle Stand. The Logitech CREATE Keyboard Case is the first third­party keyboard on the market to leverage Apple’s new Smart Connector​, eliminating the need to power on, connect or charge the keyboard.


Both Logitech CREATE products offer thin and light front and back protection, and the tightly­woven premium fabric resists accidental bumps, scratches and spills.

Highlights of the cases include:

The Logitech CREATE Backlit Keyboard Case with Smart Connector

The Logitech CREATE Backlit Keyboard Case is designed to work exclusively with Apple’s new

Smart Connector for seamless communication between the iPad Pro and the keyboard. Through leveraging the Smart Connector, the Logitech CREATE keyboard automatically powers on and securely connects with the iPad Pro when placed in the typing position – no Bluetooth® pairing needed. And because the keyboard is powered by the iPad Pro, you never have to think about charging your keyboard again.

The Logitech CREATE Backlit Keyboard Case is built for productivity. The keyboard features full­size 19 mm keys, adjustable backlighting and an intuitive layout, helping you take full advantage of the iPad Pro’s expansive workspace and new iOS® 9 features. The iOS shortcut keys also put the power of your favorite apps at your fingertips – you can activate search and media controls without ever leaving the keyboard. The case provides two viewing angles, so you can make the most of the iPad Pro’s big, beautiful screen whether you’re posting an update, watching videos, or using the Apple Pencil to take notes.

The Logitech CREATE Backlit Keyboard Case will be available for a suggested retail price of S$249.00.

The Logi CREATE Protective Case with Any­angle Stand

The Logi CREATE Protective Case with Any­angle Stand adjusts to whatever adventure comes your way. The case’s flexible stand has a hidden hinge that firmly holds your iPad Pro in the perfect viewing angle within a 60­degree range. Place the iPad Pro upright in the stand for watching video in comfort or nearly flat for sketching with the Apple Pencil – there’s an angle for nearly every activity or work setup. The Logi CREATE protects the front and back of your iPad Pro without adding unnecessary bulk or weight.

The Logitech CREATE Protective Case with Any­angle Stand will be available for a suggested retail price of S$129.00.


Both Logitech CREATE products will be available in black, blue and red. The black Logitech CREATE Backlit Keyboard Case will be available from end­November at all authorized Logitech stores, while the Apple Online Store will have all three colours.

The Logitech CREATE Protective Case with Any­angle Stand will only be available on the Apple Online Store.

See below for the factsheet

[pdf-embedder url=””] [pdf-embedder url=””]

Samsung Galaxy View For The Family

Galaxy View – Source Instagram user @weewu

Singapore, November 2015 – Samsung Electronics Singapore today announced the launch of the Samsung Galaxy View, the new must-have edutainment companion for every home. With its 18.4-inch touchscreen display, interactive user interface and long-lasting battery life, the Galaxy View is the ideal lifestyle and edutainment device perfect for the whole family.

“At Samsung, we are committed to continuously pushing the boundaries in technology and design to provide our consumers with the best experience on mobile devices. Designed with the needs of the whole family in mind, the new Samsung Galaxy View aims to bring a new dimension of unprecedented mobile entertainment that can be used by all,” said Eugene Goh, Vice President, IT & Mobile, Samsung Electronics Singapore.

Immersive Visual Experience on Stunning Large-Format Screen

The Galaxy View features an 18.4″ full-HD screen and is equipped with unmatched capabilities, offering consumers and their families a new dimension in home mobile enjoyment. Available in Wi-Fi® and 4G+ enabled models, the edutainment companion allows users to enjoy the full offerings of a regular sized tablet on a whole new level with the stunning large-sized display.

The Galaxy View’s long-lasting battery life also provides up to 8 hours of video playback, ensuring that users can enjoy hours of immersive viewing anywhere in their homes without worrying about recharging.

The 18.4″ edutainment companion also features a two-way stand that creates a comfortable viewing experience anywhere in the house while making it incredibly easy and convenient for family members to bring it from room to room. From catching up with the latest television series in the bedroom, or referencing a cooking tutorial in the kitchen, to a match between siblings in a game of Hearthstone in the living room, the Galaxy View exudes the perfect balance of mobility and immersive multimedia experience.

Edutainment Hub for Everyone in the Family

Designed with the whole family in mind, the Samsung Galaxy View offers endless edutainment options for the whole family in a sleek and dynamic package. The stunning wide display equipped with powerful speakers that delivers crisp and clear sound enables the Galaxy View to be the centre of family multimedia experience.

Consumers will have access to a full ecosystem of AndroidTM applications and content via Google PlayTM and Samsung Galaxy Apps on the Galaxy View to cater to the different needs of each family member.

Parents seeking a kid-friendly edutainment companion for their child’s educational needs can access a library of educational and entertainment applications that will enhance every learning session into one that is both fun and interactive. Teenagers in the home can also enjoy working on their school projects with the Galaxy View’s large screen. There is also much in store for grandparents who want to catch up on their reading with specially curated content available on the device.

Seamless Connectivity

Consumers can stay connected with friends and family members through the Family Square feature on the new Galaxy View. Through the customised dashboard, users can design their own personalised notes on photos of precious memories for sharing simply by connecting to the device via their smartphones.

Family and friends can also have a richer video call experience with the Galaxy View. The full HD front camera enhances the image quality so that special moments with loved ones are as vivid and real as seeing them face to face, even when apart.

Local Pricing and Availability

The Samsung Galaxy View will be available from 7 November 2015 in Black. It will come with Wi-Fi® and 4G+ options, in 32GB2 with microSD supporting up to 128GB at a recommended retail price of $898 and $998 respectively.

Consumers who purchase the Galaxy View will receive a free

Samsung Portable SSD T1 – Source: Instagram user @weewu

Samsung Portable SSD T1 worth $269. This introductory promotion is available, while stocks last, at major consumer electronic stores, and Samsung Experience Stores.

Compatible accessories for the Galaxy View will also be available at the following recommended retail prices:

  • Samsung Galaxy View Carrying Case (Black) – $68

The Galaxy View will be available at local telecommunication operators, major consumer electronics stores, authorised retailers and Samsung Experience Stores.

Content Partnerships

Users will enjoy specially curated content best enjoyed on the stunning large format screen of the Samsung Galaxy View:

  • Samsung KidsTimeTM 3.0

    For families with children aged 3 to 7, Samsung KidsTimeTM is the perfect complement for the Galaxy View’s large screen size. Family fun is upsized with 100 carefully curated learn-through-play games and eBooks covering subjects from Science, Maths, Reading and Arts, among others. With Samsung KidsTimeTM, parents will have a peace of mind as the application only features age-appropriate content and are consumed within a safe environment where there are no advertisements, no in-app purchases and no communications from strangers. Samsung KidsTimeTM 3.0 also comes with KidsTimeTM Parent, a companion application for parents to remotely control their child’s access to the device, with features like App Timer, App Lock and the ability to choose which applications to download for their child. Usage reports also enable parents to monitor and track their child’s KidsTimeTM activities.

    Galaxy View users can enjoy 12 months of free access to 100 games and eBooks worth up to $85, on a while stocks last basis.

  • Superstar Teacher

    Developed by a team of curriculum specialists and delivered by the best teachers, the primary and secondary online video lessons in Superstar Teacher promises to be fun, interesting and of the highest calibre. Interactive quizzes are also embedded into the lessons to assess students and track their understanding.

  • SPH Interactive Magazines

    Download and read interactive editions of popular magazine titles such as Men’s Health, Her World and Home & Decor from Asia’s leading magazine publisher. Enjoy up to 70% off your favourite magazines. Subscribe to any 3 digital magazines at only $35 (UP: $120) when you do so via Galaxy Life.


Galaxy View

Network 4G+ LTE CAT 6 (up to 300Mbps)/ 4G+ LTE FDD [Band 1 (2100MHz), Band 3 (1800MHz), Band 5 (850MHz), Band 7 (2600MHz), Band 8 (900MHz), Band 20

(800MHz)]/ 3.5G (HSPA+ up to 42Mbps)/ 3G [B1 (2100MHz), B8 (900MHz)]

Processor 1.6GHz Octa Core Processor
Display 18.4″ 16M colours (1920 x 1080) full touch (C-type) TFT LCD Screen
Platform Android™ 5.1.1 (Lollipop)
Camera 2.1MP Front Camera (Beauty Face, Timer Shot)
Video FHD Video Player [3GP, MPEG4, M4V, 3G2, WMV, AVI, ASF, FLV, MKV,

WEBM] 1080p @ 30fps, FHD Video Recorder [3GP, MPEG4] 1080p @ 30fps

GoogleTM Services Chrome™ Browser/ Android™ Browser, GmailTM, Google SearchTM, Google Voice SearchTM, Google MapsTM, YouTubeTM, HangoutsTM, Google PlayTM, Google Play Music, Google Play Movies & TV, Google+ Photos™, Google Drive™
Connectivity Wi-Fi® 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (2.4G+5GHz), Wi-Fi Direct®, Bluetooth® 4.1 , USB 2.0, 3.5mm Ear Jack, Quick Connect3, GPS, GLONASS, Smart SwitchMobile4, Download Booster5
Features & Services Exchange, ActiveSync, Galaxy Apps, S Planner, SideSync 4.0, Smart Manager, Intuitive Multi Window6, ,), Microsoft® Apps (Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint®, OneNote®, Skype®, OneDrive®), Find My Mobile, Samsung KidsTimeTM 3.0 (Downloadable) Soundcamp (Downloadable)
Memory 32GB2 internal memory + MicroSD slot (up to 128GB) with 2GB (RAM)
Dimension / Weight 451 x 275.8 x 11.9 mm

4G+: 2,700g

Wi-Fi®: 2,650g

Battery 5,700mAh

Entrepreneur’s Insights: Interview with Mr Isaac Tay, Co-Founder of honestbee

honestbee isaacTime flies and without you knowing, it is about time to say good bye to 2015. It is also time to get busy with Christmas shopping! But, how are you going to bash through swarm of shoppers during this festive season especially in a shopping place like supermarket?

That’s market’s need that honestbee is trying to fulfil. Our latest episode of Entrepreneur’s Insight, we interviewed Mr Isaac Tay, Co-Founder of honestbee.



  1. honestbee has been receiving a lot of media attention ever since the receipt of USD 15M funding. However, many people know the name but might not exactly know what honestbee is doing. Do you mind give a short description of the company?

We are the first on-demand, concierge grocery delivery service that is able to deliver to your doorstep on the same day, typically within the hour following your order. Our goal is to get you what you need, when you need it. In-store concierge shoppers trained by honestbee make sure the items in your shopping cart, including meat and produce, are carefully handpicked for you with freshness guaranteed.


  1. Technology sector is growing exponentially in Southeast Asia region. Rising affluence, rapid urbanization and population growth pose opportunities for e-commerce, m-commerce or these days, people call it “social commerce”. What’s your view on this?

Southeast Asia is not the only part of the world where the technology sector is experiencing growth. In this market though, we see that different parts of Southeast Asia are progressing at varying speeds and in multiple directions. That said, there are two constant areas of growth – mobile and online shopping – in the world of e-Commerce.


Logistics and payments are two important aspects of e-commerce. In Asia, however, different countries have different methods and systems. For us to succeed in Southeast Asia, local knowledge and partners are very important, and this is something technology cannot replace.


The opportunity as an Asian company headquartered in Singapore is that we are well-positioned to learn what works in the Western innovation hubs such as Silicon Valley, then tailor it to the local context with our understanding of the social fabrics of the various Southeast Asian countries honestbee is in.


  1. There are other online grocery shopping sites in the market? How is honestbee different from other online platforms?

We aim to bring convenience with the best service to our customers so that they can spend more time on what matters most to them. This includes bring fresh produce to them, as if they are shopping at the stores for themselves.


Ordering via honestbee is simple:

  • Enter your address and start shopping online at any of honestbee’s partner stores.
  • Choose a 1 hour delivery window to have your groceries delivered.
  • Once the order is placed, an expert honestbee concierge shopper immediately starts picking out your selected items. (Do note that like shopping on your own, some products may invariably be unavailable. Customers are able to choose similar replacement products when ordering, making it both interactive and intuitive to your needs. Additionally, your shopper will call you if necessary to ensure you get what you want.)


  1. What are the challenges or opportunities for honestbee in the next 3 years?

Recruiting the brightest young talent is a major challenge as we are competing with more established brands for their attention. However, with our recent funding announcement that we are backed by world-class Silicon Valley investors, this will change.


  1. What is the expansion plan for honestbee?

We intend to expand our business across Asia. We recently just launched in Hong Kong and will be extending our services to Taiwan and other parts of Asia.


  1. What is your view on IoT? Do you see any unexplored market in this space for honestbee to fulfill?

We are in the very early days of IoT, so there is definitely a lot of room for growth – not just for honestbee, but for the other brands as well. When the technology catches up and becomes more accessible, it will make our life better and more efficient be it at work or at home.


Our mission is to create happy homes with delightful services and flexible jobs. IoT, with its promise of better sensors and data, will definitely provide opportunities to create new services that can improve homes.


  1. Our Singapore readers could be interested on honestbee’s plan in Singapore. With the fresh injection of fund, do you plan to expand your workforce here?

Singapore is our headquarters – our founders are Singaporeans and all of the people in our senior leadership team are Singaporeans. This is something we’re proud of as we all want to put Singapore on the world map as a place with strong start-ups. With the funding, we will expand our business and workforce locally and in Asia. We plan to attract back the best engineering talent who have been working in the top companies in Silicon Valley; this will facilitate knowledge transfer.


  1. Hiring and talent retention are one of the challenges that startup faces. How did you manage such issue?  

We are very humbled by our low attrition rate here at honestbee. We are also proud to say that there is a strong bond and camaraderie between everyone, where we work hard and play hard.


We will also regularly organise get-togethers for our team to catch up and get to know each other better. Just recently, we had a family Halloween event where everyone was dressed to the nines. One of the teams even came in as zombies from The Walking Dead.


The most important thing is to understand the aspirations of all the members in my team. I’ve aimed to recruit motivated people with a shared vision, and have constantly ensure that the company’s goals are aligned with their individual’s aspirations.


Alignment is something I take very seriously, and within three months of joining a company, every member of my team has had at least three ‘health checks’ with me. During these sessions, the members of my team are unreservedly candid, and we have made countless improvements from the feedback.


For example, we noticed engineers were being interrupted with questions and it was hard to get into a rhythm of coding. We instituted no-speaking hours between 2pm-4pm on Tuesday and Thursday. This has also created the side effect where folks make better use of meetings.


  1. What advices will you give for our budding entrepreneurs or people who want to start a business? 

I would say, if you dare to dream, then go ahead to aim and build. Don’t waste time thinking too much about it or you will never start. Of course, it is also important to build strong and meaningful relationships. You’ll be surprised how powerful this is.


  1. It is said that every entrepreneur has their own set of checklist while evaluating a venture. As an entrepreneur, do you mind sharing with us yours?

For me, it’s two key points:

  • Will this improve people’s lives
  • Are there people willing to pay for this improvement to their lives