10 Video on Old School Singapore TV Ads

Some videos on memorable TV advertisements which personally, I think it was pretty well done. (Alright, the plots and dialogue are really….. you know what I mean)

Just to bring back some childhood memories for those (a little bit more) mature Singaporeans.

If you happen to be born in the 90s (or the millennium? Gosh I just realise they should be in secondary school now. Time flies!), erm….. just take a look and probably you will find it very amusing.


7-up –  Remember Fido Dido?



Navy – The Sun, Sand and Sea


McDonad – A day in Singapore. I missed the Grandma actress

Singapore Airline – I can’t spot any changes between the old Singapore Girl and the new one.

Old SingTel Ad – Is that young Jamie Yeo?

Osim iGallop – oh ya! It is a must to use actress for product demonstration!

Sparky! The Jack Russell From Starhub

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