Watch Lady GAGA “Bad Romance” MTV and Win a Lady Gaga Heartbeats earphone

Monster™ “Heartbeats by Lady Gaga” earphone has created raves in US, Europe & Hong Kong, and finally it has reached Singapore!

The state-of-the-art earphone is engineered to deliver all the music that Lady Gaga intended you to hear. Every single detail is developed with Lady Gaga, encompassing Lady Gaga’s fashion sense and commitment to sound.

Simply answer the following question.

Lady GAGA is wearing Heartbeat Earphone in her “Bad Romance”. What’s the colour of the earphone?

If you don’t know the answer, Watch the video here and go to this link to participate.

12 Replies to “Watch Lady GAGA “Bad Romance” MTV and Win a Lady Gaga Heartbeats earphone”

  1. @Ed Don’t mention it. I just feel that the beautiful Heartbeats earphone is something that worths sharing to the community. Hope you will win!

  2. Я бы не стал делать столь категоричные выводы. Ну что ж, здесь есть что обсудить. Интересно услышать другие мнения на эту тему.

  3. The Heartbeats she’s using is Bright Chrome with ControlTalk… You can see the remote and mic on the earpiece, which is not on the regular edition.

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