About Wee Wu

Wee Wu, an ex-banking professional who specialized in private banking products, is knowledgeable in providing innovative investment solutions. On top of that, he is resourceful and connected in the finance industry. He is able to serve as a bridge to link businesses to the correct party.

Being bornin a humble family, Wee Wu learned that there isn’t “free lunch” in this world. Before he stepped into the banking sector, he took up various jobs to cover his expenses. He wasn’t spared from the US’s credit crisis. Fresh out from the university, he was desperate for job. He made over 100 cold calls to potential employers in hope to get an entry level role with salary of not more than 2000 dollars.

Fortunately, it wasn’t all bad for him during this crisis. He saw an opportunity  in the market where the price of Singapore blue-chip stocks were cheap. With his limited savings, he leveraged his investment by pouring money into warrants. Initially, his investment wasn’t extremely impressive but he has learned well  about trading.  Once, he yielded a return of more than 40% trading  on a underlying shipping counter with holding period less than 2 weeks.

With a decent return on investment, he made a living during the crisis period.  After which, he was being poached to join a small Private Bank in Singapore.

The entry into banking sector has, without a doubt,  expanded his connections in various industries and his banking career started to spike.  However, he was not satisfied with the achievement as he feels that he could do something more in his life or in someone’s life. He left the banking sector subsequently.

With his strong sense of business acumen and extensive investment knowledge, he is providing advice for small and promising companies.

He is also a strong believer in “Learning, Un-learning and Re-learning”. Shortly after his departure from the banking sector, he is focusing more attention in the lifestyle, media and technology industries. As an advisor, his area of interests encompasses big data, e-commerce and wearable technologies.

If you have any interesting business idea or any topics that you want to speak to him, you could always drop him an email.

You could also check up his professional profile and connect with him on LinkedIn. http://bit.do/neoweewu

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