Addition features of thin OPPO R5 – Smash Water Melon and Driving Nail

The video posted by OPPO shows the toughness of their latest R5. Despite its thinness ( 4.9MM. Yes it is thinner than the iPhone 6), the OPPO R5 is able to smash water melon, crack nuts and drive nail.


However, I manage to find another hammer-nail test video done 2 years ago on the OPPO Finder (It is in Chinese).  Basically, the test result shows that OPPO Finder does not suffer any damage (except for some scratches at the sides and back. The phone is still working

The big question is do you believe the test results done by OPPO in the first video? I am not sure about that since I have yet to receive a review unit. Nonetheless, given its track record on OPPO Finder, I believe there could be a certain degree of truth on the toughness of the phone.

What did you think?



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