Asia Survey Reveals 86% of Respondents Want to Get Smartphones


LG Electronics (LG) has recently sponsored an Asia-wide CNET Asia survey about smartphones to learn more about Asian consumer needs, insights and preferences concerning smartphones. The survey of almost 2,000 respondents across Asia Pacific showed that 86% expressed desire to purchase a smartphone in the near future.

The survey indicated that when choosing a smartphone, the operating system of the smartphone is the most important purchasing factor and they also cited that an easy to use interface that is similar to a PC-like experience is another important reason. 50.2% of the respondents stated that they preferred a smartphone with the Windows Mobile operating system (OS) as it provides them with familiarity as a starting point and has connectivity features such as full internet browsing, email and social networking capabilities. They also claimed that a smartphone with Windows Mobile OS would be easy to use.

In the survey, respondents said that their ideal smartphone is one that has a fast processing speed, long battery life and enhanced operation. The respondents were dissatisfied with the slow processing speeds and short battery life and considered those factors as unbecoming to a smartphone. In addition, they also wanted smartphones to be available in slimmer, sleeker designs to suit their mobile lifestyles.

Critical concerns about smartphones in the survey included high prices and bulky design. Due to the fact that smartphones are the most advanced handsets, the respondents perceived smartphones as unaffordable.

LG sponsored the CNET Asia survey to understand the perceptions of Asian consumers about smartphones. As the CNET Asia survey indicates, ease of use is the most important factor in deciding a new smartphone.

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