#AudiA8 5.5 With Rice Cooker Exclusively Launched In Japan

Source: Audi Japan

Seriously insane, Audi Japan has rolled out the flagship A8 in that country with a rice-cooker inside the cabin! Couldn’t figure out the reason why this cooking equipment in the central console of rear seat is planted; but going by the words of company it can cook perfect rice due to the heat convection fitted inside the Japanese pot called Hagama.

Audi had termed it as A8 5.5. Technically speaking, there isn’t a 5.5-litre V8 or something like that in the bay. Instead, the 5 is referred as ‘Go’ in Japanese and 0.5 as Han, which together pronounce ‘gohan’ – means ‘Rice’.

However, the prices of the rice-cooking A8 aren’t announced officially, but this flagship is restricted only to Japan for a limited period. Taking the advantage of a luxurious carmaker, engineers too have offered options on the menu-panel of touchscreen for a variety of rice cooking option.

Hence, almost confused what to call this A8 and how to segment such a car; in fact, no suitable thought justifies it. Why does an owner of A8 needs to cook his own rice in the car where he can eat them in plenty at a plush restaurant? Or else, Audi too wants to brand the rice with the A8? Tough questions huh; have your say in the comments section below…

Source: Youtube user Auto Adda


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