Easy facebooking with the latest se c510 cyber-shot phone


Sony Ericsson has recently launched the latest phone in the C-series family, SE C510 Cyber-shot(TM). The new phone allows easy and intuitive access to Facebook, the world’s most popular social networking site.


The media launch held on Wednesday, 8 Apr 2009, at Bakerzin, Vivo City featured the new Facebook(TM) application on SE C510. As a Facebook(TM) enthusiast, I was certainly not going to miss out the opportunity to play with this phone.


The new Facebook(TM) application allows you to be always “connected” with your Facebook(TM) friends. You can stay updated on their friends’ status directly from their phone’s desktop (standby screen).


Hill and Knowton, PR company of Sony Ericsson, organized a mini Amazing Race in Vivo City. In the game, we were required to take picture with SE C510 and upload it to Facebook(TM). (Warning: Don’t try to do this with your mobile broadband unless you have those unlimited access plan! You won’t want to be shocked when you receive your bill at the end of the month!) 

sony ecrisscon media launch 023








We were divided into 4 groups each containing around 5-7 people. I am in Group 4, the Mighty Bloggers United! Oh yeah! we won the game!!! 










Station 1: Giant Hyper Mart


SE Smile Shutter







Station 2: Taken with Sony Smile Shutter (TM) Technology 


SE C950









Station 3: SE C905, 8.1 Megapixel camera phone

All the photos taken during the game are of 1 Megapixel quality so as to facilitate quicker upload to the Facebook(TM).  


I will be getting a set of SE C510 soon. Stay tuned for the “Unboxing of SE C510” next week. 


Existing owners of C510 Cyber-shot(TM) who wish to have the Facebook(TM) application, can contact Sony Ericsson Customer Support at +65 6744 0733.



  • 3.2 Megapixel Camera with Smile Shutter(TM) Technology
  • Bluetooth(TM) Stereo (A2DP)
  • Access NetFront(TM) Web browser
  • Predictive Text Input
  • Email and Instant Messaging
  • FM radio with RDS
  • Facebook(TM) and YouTube(TM)
  • Auto Rotate Feature
  • Google Maps (TM)
  • Scratch-resistant Main Screen
  • Phone Memory: Up to 100MB
  • Memory Card Supports to 1GB Memory Stick Micro (TM) (M2)
  • Size: 107 x 47 x 12.5 mm
  • Weight: 92 grams
  • Available in Black, Silver and Red  

Visit Sony Ericsson website for more details: www.sonyericsson.com



Don’t Buy Pet! Adopt instead

As a dog lover myself, I can’t stand irresponsible owners who abandoned their pets. If you don’t love them, then you shouldn’t have bought them in the first place. Parents, please don’t try to please your children by buying them a pet. For those parents who have, please educate and impart your children the sense of responsibility of taking care the pet.


As our society has developed to such stage, more and more people have the habit of keeping pets but at the same time, number of stray (or I should said “abandoned”) animals has rocketed too! Usually, these animals will be put to sleep when captured. However, this is not the case in Animal Lovers League (A.L.L.) .


Animal Lovers League (A.L.L.) is a non-profit organization dedicated to animal welfare that started Pets Villa, a volunteer-run shelter in 2004. Pets Villa is a refuge for stray cats and dogs, A.L.L. hopes to give these animals a second chance at life through their adoption programme and boarding services. Pets Villa is a no-kill zone, meaning the animals here will not be put to sleep.


Dogs for Adoption






(Pic) Ernie








(Pic) Joy


If you are interested to have a pet, why not adopt them instead?! You can help them to find a second home at the same time, save money (Note: This message is not meant for those people who merely want to free trial of having a dog at home. If you are not committed, please spare them)


For more information, please visit their website: http://www.animalloversleague.com/

blog: http://www.animalloversleague.com/wordpress



Nokia: Rumour Escalated!!

According to the TheStreet.com, it is rumoured that Nokia (stock quote: NOK) has already engaged Taiwan’s Foxconn (富士康)to manufacture netbook. Foxconn (富士康) is the trade name of the Taiwan based firm Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. (Ltd.) (stock quote: HHPD). Foxconn is the largest manufacturer of electronics and computer components worldwide, and mainly manufactures or original design manufactures (ODM) for other companies.


I have mentioned in my previous blog post that it is not impossible for Nokia to enter the netbook market. (Blog post: WOW! NOKIA LAPTOP! SOUNDS COOL BUT…) It made perfect sense for Nokia to work with Foxconn to produce computing devices. However, is it really so simple that Nokia is going to netbook market, the one flooded with competitors?


Foxconn has produced the Mac mini, the iPod and the iPhone for Apple Computer; Intel-branded motherboards for Intel Corp.; various orders for American computer retailers Dell, Inc. and Hewlett Packard; the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3for Sony; the Wii for Nintendo;the Xbox 360 for Microsoft, cell phones for Motorola, and the Amazon Kindle.


Sponsored Review: Microsoft Press – Win a Xbox 360

A lot of people might not know of Microsoft Press but among software developers, Microsoft Press is not an unfamiliar name. For the benefits of those who don’t know, Microsoft Press is the publishing arm of Microsoft which releases books primarily dealing with Microsoft technologies.

So what book I got from Microsoft Press?

general 031


(Picture above) “Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition.”

Unlike most of the software guidebooks you found in the market, this book is rather “readable”. As an amateur, I like the short and sweet step-by-step description as what really concern to me are the examples and tutorial practices. This is one of the key attributes that I look at when comes to buying of such guidebook.

Through an end-to-end example, it helps me to understand some of the essential skills to build a working Web site, plus the fundamental skills needed to advance to the next level of Web development—ASP.NET.

The author – Eric Griffin is a senior Technical Strategy Advisor at Microsoft. He has led and mentored developers creating a variety of commercial applications. He is also the author of “Foundations of Popfly: Rapid Mashup Development.”

This book comes with a CD that contains searchable ebook and exercises.



For Singapore amateur and professional developers, if you have some books which you want to buy, you can visit mspress.sg. If you are a member with Microsoft community, you can enjoy a 30% discount with Partner Code. For terms and condition, please visit the official website at mspress.sg.

That’s not all. You may also stand a chance to win 3 Xbox 360 and 15 Microsoft Office 2007 if you purchase book from Microsoft Press






Thanks to blog2u for making this review possible.

Super small tablet PC from lenovo


I first got to know this news from VR-Zone (read post here) I am not sure this netbook is going to be released by Lenovo (stock quote – HKSE: 0992.HK)but there are a lot of speculations in the web!  Currently, there is no information about its specification but I guess Lenovo has purposely leaked out the photo of this product – Lenovo Pocket Yoga.


Let’s don’t talk about the colour. I believe more options will be available for the consumers. It looks pretty cool when the netbook is converted to a tablet.

The picture on the left reminds me of another product that I have reviewed before – Sony (stock quote – NYSE: SNE) Vaio P (For those who haven’t read my review, you may read it up at NOTEBOOK THAT FITS NICELY IN YOUR POCKET





If you guys have more information about this product, feel free to comment and update my readers.

Event review – Differentiate Yourself with the "IT" Factor!

I have been pretty busy writing proposal to potential speakers and exhibitors for the upcoming TAWA event.  Recently, I have just sent out sponsorship letters to some of the potential companies. Now, I manage to “squeeze” some time to complete my review for CISCO (stock quote – NasdaqGS: CISCO) event.  


Ever since the last TAWA event – “Wireless Security in Singapore”, the curiosity in IT has triggered me to learn more about network security. The opportunity came at the right time when Association of Small-Medium Enterprise (ASME) sent me an invitation to attend an event organized by CISCO – Differentiate Yourself with the “IT” Factor. 


I vividly recalled that I was rushing to the event thinking that I might lose my way to Capital Tower where CISCO office is. Luckily, the building is only a couple of meters away from the MRT exit of Tanjong Pagar station. I managed to reach there just before the event started.

CISCO IT factor 077 















Banner (Picture above): “When  The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Smart”

The event is a series of talks targeted at Small-Medium Enterprises (SME). The profiles of the crowd are very diverse. I got to meet people from logistic, consultancy, IT and even beauty salons!


Although I am the youngest (I think so) among the crowd, I have managed to garner good business contacts. A very good business networking platform. I am surprised to see Christopher Lee from Geek Terminal. He was giving a presentation on how CISCO products have helped in his F&B business. Also, I got to know Nicholas Ng, Director of Small & Medium Business, CISCO.


There are many interesting talks but the one I like most is the live demonstration on computer hacking in the common network.


Amazing! It takes only seconds to hack into your computer and this can be done using free online hacking tool. (You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to be a hacker. All you need to do is to google the phrase “hacking tools” and you will know the “how”) You think your firewalls installed in you laptop is safe. Think again.


A product that might interest the SME owners is the CISCO Unified Communication 500, a device that integrates telephony, voice messaging, automated attendant, security, VPN and video. Unlike those big machines you see in large companies, this system is pretty much designed for SMEs. Anyway, SMEs don’t need super-powered system for their operations.


The pdf brochure is available for download here. The information is provided by Comstor, a leading specialty distributor of Cisco solutions with specific programs and capabilities for advanced technologies such as Voice, Security and Mobility.

CISCO IT factor 079















Picture above: Unified Communication System – Linksys Business Series


If you are interested to know how such product can help your business, you may wish to contact Mr Michael Long at michael.long@comstor.com.sg


CISCO event is more than selling of products. it is educational and provides relevant information for today’s competitive business environment.


However, the duration of the event is long and it is rather difficult to digest all the technical information.   

Read further down if you want to know more.


Hitachi Capital

CISCO understands the needs as well as the difficulties faced by the SMEs. Finances have always been an issue faced by all SMEs but I think that should not be the obstacle for expansion.


Hitachi Capital offers a broad range of products that will help companies to invest on their operations. If you have the intention to invest on CISCO products, you should talk to Hitachi Capital for assistance in financing your purchases (Drop me a mail and I can refer you to the relevant people in Hitachi Capital).


Want to win SG$25,000 worth of CISCO Small Business Solutions? Be a Game Changer!

If your company has less than 250 employees, you can participate the CISCO’s Game Changer contest and stand a chance to win SG$25,000 worth of CISCO Business Solutions.


Simply write in 35 words or less, how you would transform your business with Cisco Small Business solutions and you could be a step closer to outwit, outlast and outpace the competition.


Entrepreneurs! If you need to have a free secured network, you may consider this option. Who knows?! You may be the lucky one! Click here for more information.


So What’s Next? CISCO Security Techbyte – Network as the Security Platform

Cisco Security TechByte will address new and continuing threats to the critical corporate information security, as well as responses to the increasing risk of security breaches, data exfiltration, identity theft and more.


CISCO Security Techbyte – Network as the Security Platform. is opened to public. For more information, please visit CISCO website. Hope you guys will enjoy this upcoming session.    




Wow! NOKIA LAPTOP! sounds cool but…


It appears to me that Nokia (Stock quote – NYSE:NOK) has been pretty active in the market recently. They have launched their music campaign – Comes with Music and now they might be entering into the laptop (or maybe netbook) market. According to Reuters, Nokia CEO, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo hinted that they are exploring opportunities in the laptop market(I am betting they are going into the netbook market).  


This move should not come as a surprise. Given the fact that Nokia has acquired Symbian for their mobile Operating System. They have the hardware and software capabilities to produce portable computing devices. By opening up Symbian platform, we will see developers creating applications. As a consumer, I would certainly love to see more choices in the Operation Systems market which is still dominated by Microsoft (Stock quote – NASDAQGS:MSFT).


The question here is whether Nokia’s move into portable PC is a viable one. I have came across this article from Business Daily Africa that the worldwide shipment of netbook is forecasted to 35 million and it is estimated to be 139 million by 2013. I believe, in a way, that these figures could be realised. We have seen people around us started to carry netbook whenever they go. It is not hard to imagine the amount of potential in this market. However, this is not going to be an easy game for new players like Nokia.


There are too many competitors fighting the same piece of pie. Many electronics giants are already in the game. They have the technology and business infrastructure to mass produce good-quality computers at a cheap cost.


Furthermore, competition has sliced away the profit margins of all the market players. So, why should Nokia diversify from higher profit-margin mobile sector to lower profit-margin laptop sector? Nokia had 38.4 percent of the global mobile phone market and this sector is still very lucrative in Asia.


It will only be worthwhile if Nokia has a disruptive strategies that can permanently change people’s way of using netbook or laptop just like the way Apple iPod (Stock quote – NASDAQGS: AAPL)change the people’s impression of portable music players. (Hmm…When Apple release their first netbook?)  


Some people have created their own Nokia Laptop. Come and take a look!


Video 1 by thoughtfix.blogspot.com


Video 2 by thoughtfix.blogspot.com



The games xpo stomps lion city in july

I was invited to the Press Conference of The Games XPO 2009 held at Game Haven – SAFRA.



February 18, 2009 Singapore Conference and Exhibition Management Services(CEMS) announced its collaboration with Rapture Gaming to present The Games XPO 2009 (TGX09)here in Singapore from July 3 to 5, 2009 at Hall 4 of Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre. TGX09 is made possible with the support of host Games Exchange Alliance, Singapore. TGX09 brings together the regional gaming industry under one comprehensive networking platform for Asia to present the latest trends in gaming. Its vision is to be Asia’s ultimate gaming show bringing together the best minds and partners to showcase the latest in the world of gaming to the gaming fraternity, from players to publishers.

the game expo 016

(Photo) From Left – Ms Cindy Tan (Singapore Cyber Models Club), Mr Bernard Ho (TKA Amusement (S) Pte Ltd), Mr Steven Tan (CEMS) Mr Aroon Tan (Games Exchanges Alliance), Mr Herman Ng (Rapture Gaming Pte Ltd), Ms Stephanie Loh (Singapore Cosplay Club), Mr Takahan (Chivalry Entertainment). Mr Paddy Tan (Blog2u Pte Ltd)

TGX09 is strategically organized to address the development needs and opportunities presented by Asia’s rapidly growing digital interactive gaming industry. It is broadly segmented into areas of interest to businesses and to II-chan complete white (2)the public. Visitors to the event will find a comprehensive array of activities spread over 4,000 sqm presented by some 80 companies in console, PC, online, mobile and arcade games.


Enthusiasts can look forward to an arcade games showdown and e-sports tournaments
designed to challenge the gamers at some of the most popular and demanding games.



(Picture) Mascot developed by Chivalry Entertainment

Besides exciting games, Visitors will indulged with the eye-popping appearance by the Cyber Models and Cosplay characters. The event is expected to draw 80,000 visitors.

It is not just all play! Business people! There is always opportunity for you! The Summit of Asia Pacific Gaming Associations (SAGA) will gather industry leaders to launch of three initiatives. The first would be the launch of the World’s first “Asia Pacific Games Directory featuring market reports of the 13 member countries and regions. SAGA Presidents will also meet at the SAGA Presidents’ breakfast to discuss collaborative efforts among the member countries and the possible formation of the Asia Pacific Games Federation. The third of the series of initiatives would be the industry forum on business and market development of the gaming industry. The two-day forum during TGX09 is expected to draw 150 delegates from 13 countries.


website: http://www.thegamesxpo.com/


marina barrage 017

Photo taken outside of Heeren


I am sure everybody wants to win a pair of tickets to Europe but first of all, you must know the brand of the car! I have various ways to get you to the answer but before I go into the details, I strongly encourages all of you to finish reading the whole blog post (if you don’t want to waste time banging at the wrong door).   


The most direct way is to go to the side of the car showroom. You should be able to see the functions and the features of the car. This is tedious but a correct approach because all car makers will have different positioning in the market. From there, you would roughly know the targeted market segment of the car company and this helps you to better filter off those companies that are not in the segment. Don’t worry! I don’t expect you guys to go down to Heeren to copy all the features. I have prepared the list for you guys. All you have to do is to copy and search on Google

marina barrage 011

Powerful 1.6L engine(124ps)

Auto light control

Integrated Headlamp-Cum-Front Grille Design

Sporty 17-Ince Alloy Rims

Top-of-the- Class Cabin Space

Driver-Centric Dashboard with Centre Fascia

Motor-Driven Power Steering(MDPS)

Steering Wheel Audio Remote Control

Keyless Entry System

Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

Dual Front Airbags

Electronic-Chromic Mirror

Perfect NHTSA and IIHS Safety Rating

Ipod-/USB-Compatible Audio Console

Automatic Temperature Control

Supervision Cluster with Rear Parking Assist System and Trip Computer


Wait a minute! I guess you guys will prefer watching video to reading text. Watch this video! You will get the answer straight away!


Guys, come on! Guess the brand of this myster 1.6L Car and stand to win a trip for two to exciting Europe!

Simply SMS GUESS<space> Car Brand <space> Your Name <space> Your NRIC  to 77877 or log on to guesswhatcar.sg to enter!

Contest ends 19 Feb 2009.