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BlackBerry’s flagship phone – BlackBerry Passport has been receiving a lot of attention for the past months. Online tech review has been pretty mixed. Some of them are pretty good but most of them slam the phone badly. 


The most talk-about video review will be BlackBerry Passport Review: A Love Story which Wall Street Journal Personal Technology Columnist Joanna Stern has critiqued badly on the on-screen (and the physcial) keyboard as well as bad app ecosystem that BlackBerry  offers. See the video below.


Is the Passport really that bad? My co-writer, who used an old classic BlackBerry Bold before, decided to try up the Passport. She told me that she has typed the review  entirely with the Passport and posted it onto her blog

Source: – White BlackBerry Passport


Let me briefly go through some of the key points she highlighted in her review.

  • The square screen does not matter as she highlighted that it is actually very comfortable looking at the screen even under direct sunlight.
  • Typing on the Passport requires some learning. However once mastered, there are tonnes of features and functions that could make typing on the Passport efficient and comfortable.
  • Given its size, the BlackBerry Passport’s camera is not meant for selfie but photo quality is still within acceptable level. You may take a look on the sample shots in her blog.
  • Good battery life
  • BlackBerry Blend integrates well across various devices (iOS, Android, Windows and Mac)
  • Android apps are available but not of them.

After listening to her experience, I don’t think that the Passport is a phone that pleases everybody. I have been carrying a Android phone for the past 5 years and I am happy with it. Why I didn’t switch to other OS such as BB10 or Windows 8? Simply because of the wide variety of apps that Android is providing.


In other words, I will not own a BlackBerry for personal use. However, I appreciate the work productivity that BlackBerry offers to the business users. The features and shortcuts used in the BlackBerry keyboard (be it physical or on-screen) is innovative and I don’t think any mobile phone makers is even came close to that.


To read her full review, visit her blog post  “Why I chose the BlackBerry Passport?” . If you own a BlackBerry Passport, let us know what you think in the comments below.




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