#Casio Goes “#LampFreeforaBrighterFuture”

Singapore, 19 June 2015: Casio Singapore has announced a new tagline, ‘Lamp Free for a Brighter Future’, for its range of nextgeneration Laser & Led Hybrid projectors. The tagline shows Casio’s dedication towards environmental sustainability and greater long term cost savings by replacing mercury lamps with longerlasting and more ecofriendly Laser LED light sources in its projectors

Casio XJ-V1 Projector
Casio XJ-V1 Projector

With Casio’s Laser & LED Hybrid projectorswe want to help our customers achieve a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). This means to enable greater cost efficiency during purchase, usage and maintenance and also lowering the costs relating to environmental impactMercury lampfree projectors such the Casio XJV1 have a lifespan of up to ten times longer, are cheaper to maintain in the long run and are less harmful to the environment. This is why we are encouraging our customers to go ‘Lamp Free for a Brighter Future’,” said Mr Shuichi Watanabe, Managing Director, Casio Singapore.   

To read the full press releases. Visit the link here

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