Casio Presents New EDIFICE EQB-500 Series with Bluetooth® Smart Connectivity

Connects to smartphone for ease of time keeping of over 300 cities globally

Casio Singapore has launched a new EDIFICE EQB-500 series, the latest in Casio’s range of EDIFICE metal timepieces and the first with built-in Bluetooth® Smart Connectivity technology. The sophisticated Smartphone Link EQB-500 mirrors the ‘Speed and Intelligence” inspired by motorsport racing and features dramatically improved functions that can be used alongside a smartphone




The new EQB-500 grants easy access to precise local time information from over 300 cities globally by connecting to smartphones via Bluetooth®. Once connected, wearers can easily adjust time settings by selecting from a comprehensive list of cities in Casio’s WATCH+ smartphone app. Jet-setters can stay on top of matters back home with the Dual Dial World Time function that simultaneously displays time of two different cities using the hour and minute hands and an inset dial.


A multitude of other functions are unlocked once the EQB-500 is connected to your smartphone. A Finder Function triggers the phone alarm with a simple push of a button. This dynamic Edifice also ensures that wearers never miss out on important emails. After registering an email address in Casio WATCH+ app, users will be notified of new emails via a pointer in one of the inset dials by pressing a button.



Sporting a stainless steel metal casing, this EQB-500 is sleek enough for the boardroom and also sporty enough for a casual day out. Inspired by motorsport, the motor of the EQB-500 is 26 percent smaller than previous EDIFICE models, enabling various smart technology to be installed within the polished and compact watch face. This includes Bluetooth® connectivity, water resistance of up to 100 metres and Tough Solar, a solar-powered technology that converts light from various sources into power to optimally drive the watch functions while conserving battery power.


Housing a definitive and elegant black watch face, the EQB-500 comes in two colours, Silver (EQB-500D-1ADR)  and Black (EQB-500DC-1ADR) and is available at all G-FACTORY and G-FACTORY PREMIUM  stores in Singapore at a Suggested Retail Price of SGD$449.00 and SGD$599.00 respectively from November 2014.


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