Video: SMRt Bus on fire at jalan eunos


While I was driving along Jalan Eunos, Singapore on 12 Apr 2009, 1320H, we spotted a bus on fire! Fire started at the back. Probably the engine overheated!    


There were construction workers trying to fight the fire but it was very dangerous! Furthermore, the place should be cordoned off if it was the engine on fire. The bus might explode anything.


If this fire was caused by overheated engine, shouldn’t it a stringent check on the bus before it is operational?



how 3r is practised in prison?


I was travelling on SBS Bus no. 5 to my dad’s factory and I saw rows of door hangers near the ceiling of the bus. The one that captured my attention is the job advertisement by Singapore Prison Service.












(Pic above) “Do Not Disturb” side


Captains of Lives. 3R stands for Rehab, Renew and Restart
















(Pic above) “What Do You See” side


The other side of the door hanger shows a picture illustrating visual perception. This picture can be interpreted as “outside the cell” and “inside the cell”.  


It is an interesting campaign and probably, they are expecting many applicants to join Singapore Prison Service.