Coffee with 3 entrepreneurs at Geek Terminal


It is a beautiful Wednesday morning. Shen has invited Jeremy, Ridzuan and me for a coffee session at Geek Terminal. Each and every one of us chatted about anything under the sun. The most surprising thing we got to know from Jeremy is that Nokia had involved in many businesses in Finland. Nokia is a giant conglomerate someone like TATA in India. They used to sell car tires specifically designed for winter. (They had already sold their tires businesses. See link here)


So who are these entrepreneurs?


1. Shen, Founder/ Managing Director of is Singapore’s newest site created expressly for non-executive jobs, for individuals seeking freelance, contract, part-time and casual employment. 

This innovative and uniquely interactive portal enables its users to not only post their resumes, but also photos, slideshows and video profiles.





2. Jeremy, Managing Director of Metaversum Asia Pte Ltd (Singapore)


Metaversum develops and operates the 3D online world Twinity. This visionary project mashes up the real with the virtual world. Members of the Twinity community enrich and expand their lives by integrating their real life into the virtual world. Twinity is set to launch this summer and is currently in private beta. Founded in July 2006, Metaversum is financed by leading venture capital firms and has offices in Berlin and Kiev.


Company Website:

Twinity website:




3. Ridzuan Ashim, co-founder of Widgeous

Officially incorporated in early 2008 by 2 individuals, Widgeous is in the business of creating a web technology-based solution for solving the problem of having too many isolated channels of communication. Keeping to philosophy of keeping things simple, the company has built a platform which allows people to keep a centralised repository of their contact information. With that, others who wish the contact the individual can now do so simply by specifying the individual’s Widgeous ID. Widgeous then helps to decide the most efficient method for delivering the message.

The platform is also an open platform that allows application developers to build applications that fully utilize their cross-channel capabilities.






 (From Left) Neo, Jeremy, Shen, Ridzuan 


4 Replies to “Coffee with 3 entrepreneurs at Geek Terminal”

  1. The luxury of taking a weekday morning to do networking and discussing with like minded people.

    I believe there are more to be shared beside the Nokia fact.

    And what is the differences between a giant conglomerate and investment companies like Temasek Holdings or GIC?

  2. Thanks for the post 🙂 also provides Visual Search (location based job search via Google Maps) and testimonials / ratings between Job Seekers and Job Posters.

    We hope the platform will help inculcate transparency and openness in the process of hiring.

  3. Chin Yong: Thanks for dropping by! We have understood that giant corporation hurts competition in the market as they have the financial strength of acquiring smaller companiese which include their competitors. Thank god! We have anti-trust which (supposedly)protects against of such inefficiency in the society. Usually this kind of giant conglomerates are stated-owned but eventually force to break into smaller companies as the government recognizes that it affects the health of the society.

    Large SWFS like GIC and Temasek Holdings(but they denied that they are not SWFs. So who are they investing on the behalf of?)are investing on the behalf of the nation. They are not typical monopolies that provide any form of products or services to the people. They are building the wealth of the country.

    Shen: Thanks for dropping by

  4. thanks for the posting 🙂

    it was a good time. for the giant conglomerate angle, what i meant was that nokia used to be a very broad and diversified company.

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