Commes des F*ckdown #iPhone6 case


(July 2015, Singapore) – Known for their preference for popular and satirical cult labels, Lamch & Co adds yet another iconic parody street wear label, Commes des F*ckdown, to their portfolio of cutting-edge, high-quality fashion and mobile accessories.


Pronounced “calm the f*ck down” the American label exploded in popularity after featuring prominently in American rapper Asap Rocky’s music videos. The label has since become a wardrobe staple for trend setters like Push AT, Chiara Ferragni, Kate Moss, Madonna and Paris Hilton just to name a few.


For a touch of cheeky humor and a useful reminder to always keep your cool, grab yourself a Commes des F*ckdown iPhone 6 case! Available only for iPhone 6, the cases come in 6 unbashedly vibrant designs.


The Commes des F*ckdown iPhone 6 cases are now available at ante at Tangs @ Tangs Plaza and ante at #01-457A Suntec City Mall and Inhabit the Other Store, retailing at $39 each.



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