#DARETOGOBARE2015 Challenge

Do you guys still remember Mr Brown when he went barefoot for a day?

Source: Youtube user mrbrown

This year, Habitat for Humanity Singapore is doing it differently. The #DARETOGOBARE2015 challenge aims to raise awareness for the charity barefoot walkathon Bare Your Sole 2015 (May 30), and also the plight of Habitat for Humanity’s beneficiaries. Funds raised will go towards supporting Habitat for Humanity Singapore’s Project Homeworkswhich is a local initiative aimed at improving the living conditions of the elderly, the sick and the physically challenged living in one-room flats in Singapore.


How to do take part?

The first step is to capture a photo or video of yourself going barefoot at a place where one wouldn’t normally be barefooted – a trip to the supermarket or even shopping along Orchard Road.

Next, tag @ 5 friends to do the same challenge and upload the post on Facebook/Google+/Instagram/Twitter with the hashtag#DARETOGOBARE2015.

Finally, if your friends are barefoot-shy, have them make a donation and show their support atwww.bareyoursole.org.sg/donate.


View the Sample Video here: http://goo.gl/xVH0jj

Sample Caption:

Walking barefoot at a wet market – Check! Now it’s your turn, I nominate @JohnDoe @JaneDoe @TomTan @DickTan @HarryTan (tag 5 of your friends!) to take up the #DARETOGOBARE2015 challenge OR donate generously to Habitat for Humanity Singapore at www.bareyoursole.org.sg/donate.

 Safety note: Please take care of yourself.  please ensure that you (and your feet) are not subject to any physical harm while attempting this campaign.


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