Don’t Buy Pet! Adopt instead

As a dog lover myself, I can’t stand irresponsible owners who abandoned their pets. If you don’t love them, then you shouldn’t have bought them in the first place. Parents, please don’t try to please your children by buying them a pet. For those parents who have, please educate and impart your children the sense of responsibility of taking care the pet.


As our society has developed to such stage, more and more people have the habit of keeping pets but at the same time, number of stray (or I should said “abandoned”) animals has rocketed too! Usually, these animals will be put to sleep when captured. However, this is not the case in Animal Lovers League (A.L.L.) .


Animal Lovers League (A.L.L.) is a non-profit organization dedicated to animal welfare that started Pets Villa, a volunteer-run shelter in 2004. Pets Villa is a refuge for stray cats and dogs, A.L.L. hopes to give these animals a second chance at life through their adoption programme and boarding services. Pets Villa is a no-kill zone, meaning the animals here will not be put to sleep.


Dogs for Adoption






(Pic) Ernie








(Pic) Joy


If you are interested to have a pet, why not adopt them instead?! You can help them to find a second home at the same time, save money (Note: This message is not meant for those people who merely want to free trial of having a dog at home. If you are not committed, please spare them)


For more information, please visit their website:





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  1. Hi DC! I have visited your blog and it is sad to see how the dogs are treated.

    Shame on the Pet Shop.

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