Epson releases new range of projectors

Singapore, 18 November 2011 – Today, Epson, a world leader in digital imaging and the top projector maker for the last 10 years running (1), held its largest-ever projector launch in Southeast Asia that introduced a total of 13 new models for education and business, as well as three home theatre models.

With the new projectors launched today, Epson expands on its market-leading range to offer an even wider selection; allowing any school, business or home user to choose the most suitable model for their needs.

Highlights of the launch event are:

· The widest range of entry-level Epson EB-S/X/W series projectors ever launched. Featuring a total of 4 key models, this series allow customers to choose the model with the most ideal combination of features for their needs and budgets.

· Epson’s very first 3D home theatre projector range – a choice between an advanced, fully featured model or a basic, affordable model; both offer the World’s Brightest Full HD 3D image2.

· The World’s First HD Projector for Apple® Mobile Devices that allows owners of iPhones, iPads or iPods to dock their devices onto the projector for playback of movies, photos or music stored in them.

Education/business projectors launched today:

The Epson EB-1800 series:


This is Epson’s latest full-featured projector series that offers high brightness of up to 4000 lm – enabling them to be used in even the brightest classrooms or offices. The projectors also come with comprehensive connectivity options; including the Epson EB-1880 model that has the ability to connect to a network when receiving images and audio signals, and for monitoring purposes. The EB-1800 series projectors all include a Horizontal Keystone Adjuster – a physical slider that lets users conveniently and quickly correct keystone distortions caused when the projector is placed at an angle to the projection surface.

XGA models:

Epson EB-1860 ($1999)

EB-1880 ($2299)


WXGA models:

EB-1850W ($2199)


The Epson EB-400 series:


Ideal for confined spaces, this is Epson’s new short throw projector range that offers users a choice between standard projector models with normal throw distances and the Epson EB-455Wi and EB-460 ultra short throw models.

clip_image002[7]The projectors can also be fitted with an optional Epson ELPIU03 interactive module that gives the projector interactive capabilities on any hard surface it projects on, without the need for an expensive interactive whiteboard.

The EB-425W and EB-435W models also come equipped with a Horizontal Keystone Adjuster, a 16W speaker and wireless connectivity options.


WXGA models:

Epson EB-425W ($1649)

EB-435W ($1799)


The Epson EH-TW8000: The Home Theatre Projector


Designed for avid 3D and HD movie lovers, this is Epson’s new high-end 3D / HD projector which also offers the brightest 3D images in the world2. This is made possible by its 480 hertz frame refresh rate that is twice as fast as other 3D projectors, and which minimises the “blackout time” between 3D image frames. The projector is also able to convert 2D movies to 3D using its advanced image processor and sports a host of advanced Epson image processing technologies like Super Resolution Technology and Frame Interpolation Technology. The EH-TW8000 is also equipped with lens shift and pixel alignment correction capabilities that allow users to shift the image so that the projector remains properly placed even in varying installation scenarios.

Epson EH-TW8000 ($4299)


The Epson EH-TW6000: Affordable 3D / HD Home Theatre Projector


The Epson EH-TW6000 is the more affordable alternative to the higher-end EH-TW8000. The EH-TW6000 has the “World’s Brightest Full HD 3D image”2 as it shares the same image engine of the EH-TW8000 with a 480 hertz refresh rate.

The projector is equipped with a Horizontal Keystone Adjuster and C2Fine™ technology that achieves lustrous, high contrast, high quality images. Vertical alignment technology combined with normal black mode also allows the projector to achieve a pure black colour. The EH-TW6000 also has a pair of 10 watt high quality speakers and auto colour mode.



The Epson MG-850HD: The World’s First HD Projector for Apple® Mobile Devices


The Epson MG-850HD is the World’s First HD Projector for Apple® Mobile Devices that comes with a convenient dock which allows users to connect their Apple iPhone, iPod or iPod to play back stored photos or movies. The projector also has a set of two 10 watt high quality stereo speakers which doubles up as a music player.


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