Event: BAE Systems Singapore office opening – Unvealed “The Unusual Suspect”

Source: BAE Systems

Last week, I received an invitation from BAE System to attend the opening of their new office at One Raffles Place, Singapore. In conjunction with the opening, BAE Systems also revealed “The Unusual Suspects”, a research that demonstrates the motivations and methods of the most common types of cybercriminals.

According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Risk Report, Singapore-based companies described cyber attacks as their most feared risk for doing business in the country.

The Unusual Suspects, aside from exposing how these attackers cause harm to companies, could also include practical advice on how organizations can protect themselves.

The 6 prominent types of cybercriminals are:

1. The Professional – career criminals who ‘work’ 9-5 in the digital shadows;

2. The Nation State Actor – individuals who work directly or indirectly for their government to steal sensitive information and disrupt enemies’ capabilities;

3. The Insider – disillusioned, blackmailed or even over-helpful employees operating from within the walls of their own company;

4. The Activist – motivated to change the world via questionable means;

5. The Getaway – the youthful teenager who is keen to impress and can escape a custodial sentence due to their age;

6. The Mule – naive opportunists who may not even realise they work for criminal gangs to launder money.

For more information on each of the Unusual Suspects, please visit www.baesystems.com/unusualsuspectssingapore


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