Event – Borneo Motor Unveiled The New Toyota Fortuner

Borneo Motor launched the all-new Toyota Fortuner at Vivocity last week.

New Toyota Fortuner at Vivocity. Source: Instagram user @weewu

In order to meet the evolving demands of markets around the world, extensive progress has been made in terms of its style and prestige. Meanwhile, Fortuner’s toughness and core capabilities have been even further enhanced. The new Fortuner’s appeal is best expressed through its positioning statement: The Commanding Presence. Through this full-model change, Fortuner sets out to redefine what it means to be an SUV.

Model at Vivocity. Source: Instagram user @weewu

The all-new Fortuner impresses from the start, holding sophisticated strength with a refined rugged feel that is both tough and cool. Once inside, you get a sense of presence and authenticity. Every aspect of its interior was included to exude refinement and luxury; from intricately selected and crafted materials to ergonomically shaped seats that ensure optimum support. An unmistakable feature would be its advanced dashboard cluster with an optitron meter with plated rings that delivers a luxurious appearance.

The Fortuner not only received a major facelift in the looks department, but its performance has been significantly improved on all terrains. It’s newly developed rigid frame structure and high tensile, anti-corrosive steel panels deliver exceptional toughness in all environments. The engine has been further refined to include an added Variable Valve Timing (VVT) on the exhaust side for the 2.7L Dual Variable Valve Timing-intelligence (VVT-i) engine. Aside from the enhanced combustion efficiency, engineers have also reduced the weight and the friction within the engine, delivering greater fuel economy and output. The new 6 Speed Super ECT transmission with AI-shift control promises more responsive and seamless acceleration.

You may wish to look at the specification below

[pdf-embedder url=”https://theneodimension.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/FORTUNER-Specifications.pdf”]


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