Event Coverage – ViewQwest Partners Aftershock PC + Launched 10Gbps Broadband + IT Show Special

Every ISPs (Internet Service Provider) in Singapore seems to be overly anxious in up-ing the residential broadband services. After Singtel and Superinternet, ViewQwest today launched its premium 10Gbps consumer fibre broadband service at SGD 218 per month and it is now available to all households in Singapore.

Such speeds which were made excusive for business users in the past is now available for residential users. With that kind of speed, consumers can, theoretically download a 4K movie in a matter of minutes. However, that is provided you have sufficient computing power to do so.

To provide a comprehensive solution for consumers, ViewQwest is partnering homegrown PC-maker Aftershock PC to build specially customised PCs with all the necessary components that can take advantage of the uber-fast throughputs of the 10Gbps line.

ViewQwest’s 10Gbps line makes use of Metro Ethernet technology which offers symmetrical 10Gbps upstream and downstream speeds, unlike the rival GPon solutions which offers 10Gbps downlinks but only approximately 2Gbps up.

Consumers, especially early adopters who sign up for high-end 10Gbps lines expect nothing but the very best, yet in today’s marketplace they have to figure out for themselves how to customise a compatible computer and set up a home network which can enjoy the maximum speeds of the 10Gbps line.

Aftershock Boost. Source: Instagram user @weewu

That is why ViewQwest has entered into the special partnership with Aftershock as well as launched its new ViewQwest Black 10Gbps broadband plan which comes with a business-class service which includes a dedicated 24/7 customer support phone line as well as premium next-business day on-site support. Members will also get a host of exclusive deals including SGD 200 off the exclusive customised Aftershock Boost – a 10Gbps-ready PC and an additional ten per cent discount on all gadgets sold on ViewQwest’s e-shop. The exclusive Aftershock Boost will be available from SGD 2,800 onwards.

Vignesa Moorthy, CEO of ViewQwest. Source: Instagram user @weewu

“Excellent customer service is deeply rooted in ViewQwest’s DNA and the ViewQwest Black 10Gbps plan, we aim to go beyond to provide a hassle-free end-to-end experience for our customers – from sign up to aftersales support. Knowing that we are strategically aligned with Aftershock PC, we are confident about translating this partnership into value-added service for our customers,” added Vignesa.

(From left) Marcus and Joe Wee, Founder of Aftershock PC. Source: Instagram user @weewu

Marcus Wee, Technical Director and Founder, Aftershock PC said: “As homegrown companies, both Aftershock PC and ViewQwest thoroughly understands the needs of consumers individually. We are excited how this partnership is naturally complementary and how this will affect the quality of broadband service in Singapore to take it to higher standards.”

Details about the ViewQwest Black 10Gbps Broadband Plan

Monthly subscription

SGD 218

Contract Period

24 months

One-time charges

  • SGD 7 administrative fee
  • SGD 71.25 processing fee

Bundled with

  • Dedicated 24/7 ViewQwest customer support hotline
  • Next business day on site service for ViewQwest broadband
  • SGD 200 off the exclusive Aftershock X ViewQwest 10Gbps-ready PC
  • Extended three-year on-site warranty for Aftershock PC (1-for-1 hardware exchange)
  • Free Eubiq X ViewQwest power adaptor tower stand (worth SGD338)
  • Additional all-year round ten per cent for gadgets bought on ViewQwest’s e-store (after member’s price)
  • Two-year Epitude membership which can be used at Epicentre outlets (worth SGD30)
  • Free six months OneVoice™ Residential and Freedom VPN
  • Other benefits will be rolled out in the future

IT Show 2016 Special

With the introduction of the new 10Gbps broadband plan into their suite of product offerings, ViewQwest is now the only provider to offer a range of high-speed fibre broadband speeds starting from 1Gbps and above. In celebration of this, IT Show 2016 visitors can keep a look out and expect unbeatable deals for their 1Gbps and 2Gbps broadband plans at their booth on Level 4, Booth 8308 from 10th to 13th March.

In addition, every purchase of an Aftershock desktop or laptop can enjoy a free 6-month ViewQwest 1Gbps trial. In the duration of the six months, the customer can opt to cancel and return the hardware with no penalty. After the first six months, they can choose to continue their broadband plan for the remaining 18 months at the usual price plans.


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