Event (with Video): A Singapore Start-up Wants To Prevent Car’s Breakdown

Sem Chong, CEO of Carmen. Source: Instagram user @weewu
Sem Chong, CEO of Carmen. Source: Instagram user @weewu

At the Meeting Point@JTC LaunchPad, Sem Chong, an veteran entrepreneur, talked about his latest venture – Carmen Automotive.

About Carmen Automotive

Carmen Automotive is a Singapore tech start-up providing automated mobile solutions to consumers across the Asia Pacific. Carmen designs, manufactures and promotes its own proprietary products, combining innovative technology and software design that aims to deliver best solutions for car users.

Features and how it works

The Carmen system consists of three parts; a Bluetooth dongle, the app, as well as the web dashboard that provides users with detailed information of their car’s performance over time. The connected car system, which connects through your car’s On Board Diagnostics (OBD) port, pulls the data from your car, before pushing up the information through a user’s mobile data to their servers, and then storing and redistributing the updated data to the app and web dashboard.

By tracking the historical data, Carmen is able to tell car owners how their cars are meant to perform, growing more intelligent over time.

The Carmen system tracks the following critical information from your car to help maintain peace of mind on the road.

  1. Battery Life
  2. Coolant Temperature
  3. Fault Codes
  4. Fuel Efficiency
  5. Mileage
  6. Tyre Pressure (In the near future)

The video demonstrates the use case of Carmen


Product demonstration at JTC Launch Pad


The Carmen App is free to download on the Google Play Store and will launch on the iOS App Store in early September. Users will require a subscription fee on the 2nd year onwards (SGD 39.90) and the accompanying dongle (SGD $119.90) can be pre-ordered at the online store below.



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