Event – SME’s Capitalising Opportunities & Realising Expectations (CORE 2016) by Coassets

On 13 Apr 2016, CoAssets Pte Ltd held its first-ever SME event today at the Marriott Hotel. Themed ‘Growing our SMEs — Emerging Stronger and Better”, the event was aimed at SME business owners in Singapore, and covered the following topics: 1) SME Financing and Support, 2) Leveraging Human Resources and Productivity, and 3) Harnessing Technology to Enhance Business Operations. In addition, the event introduced crowdfunding to SMEs as a viable means of securing capital to execute their business plans.


To date, CoAssets has raised more than S$45 million through its crowdfunding platform, helping SMEs in a wide range of sectors to secure short-term business loans. Companies who have had their projects successfully funded through CoAssets come from industries such as F&B, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Retail, Education and Bio-Technology. 


Dr Jeff Chi, Chairman of Singapore Venture Capital & Private Equity Association, at CORE 2016. Source: Instagram user @weewu

Industry gurus such as Dr. Jeffrey Chi, Chairman of Singapore Venture Capital & Private Equity Association, and Mr. Chew Siang Chee, who was awarded Best Asia Treasurer 2015 in the Corporate Treasure Marquee Awards, will also be chairing presentations and panels at the event.


Mr Getty Goh, CEO of CoAssets, gives opening address at CORE 2016. Source: Instagram user @weewu

Mr Getty Goh, CEO of CoAssets, commenting on the significance of the SME CORE event, stated: 

“99% of all businesses in Singapore are SMEs, making them the backbone of the Singaporean economy. The recent economic downturn has placed them under increased pressure. Here at CoAssets, we want to reach out to these businesses, helping them to emerge stronger and better through this bout of economic turbulence. Through SME CORE, CoAssets seeks to partner our SMEs by bringing to them the various types of support they may receive from the government, as well as potential business solutions from SMEs like themselves”. 


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