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Attending the launch of Hublife beta at StarHub Green itself is an experience. The event venue is at Starhub Media Centre where the company has transformed the place into a Smart Home. Of course the whole purpose of doing so is to showcase the latest product that StarHub is offering to the market – StarHub HubLife.

HubLife Gateway. Source: Instagram user @weewu

HubLife gives customers the power to monitor all the things that matter from anywhere. This includes peace of mind services such as home automation, video conferencing and health monitoring. The service works through a central intelligent gateway powered by StarHub’s fibre broadband. Once linked to the gateway, all compatible devices can be controlled remotely via a single HubLife app, turning everyday items like cameras, lighting and door locks into the eyes, ears, arms and legs of time-poor caregivers.

Lim Shu Fen, Head of Family Segment & Hublife, StarHub. Source: Instagram user @weewu

“Our core focus is how we can harness Internet of Things technology to make life easier for our customers. Our role is to empower our busy caregivers, working dads and moms with the tools to achieve more in life while caring for their loved ones, wherever they are. Technology can often be confusing and complex, so we hope to be our customers’ single point of contact and support for their smart living needs. This will also save them the hassle of coordinating with different vendors,” said Ms Lin Shu Fen, Head of Family Segment & HubLife, StarHub.


Starhub is inviting customers to co-create a smarter tomorrow through its HubLife beta trial. HubLife promises a user-centric smart living experience from the get-go with home installation provided by StarHub’s Hub Trooper experts, a single app to harness smart devices in the home and an open platform which will in future support open market devices by different manufacturers.

Each trial participant will be given a starter pack containing one gateway, one TV-top camera, an IP camera, one presence tag and an entry detector. Using the starter pack, customers can create preset instructions or rules to enable the devices to perform automated actions. With rules, the possibilities are endless. Working parents can receive notifications from HubLife when their young children have returned home from school. On top of notifications, rules can be set for cameras to upload video footage whenever the children enter a specific area of the home, giving parents visual confirmation in real time. Parents can then use the HubLife app to communicate with their children through the TVs in the home.

Speaking about the platform, HubLife supports AllJoyn, an interoperable, open source framework offered by the AllSeen Alliance. This means that HubLife customers can purchase additional AllJoyn-certified smart devices as their needs evolve, safe in the knowledge that these devices will work seamlessly in their smart home setup. The AllSeen Alliance is a global initiative of more than 200 technology partners, including household brands such as ASUS, Canon, Cisco, D-Link, Electrolux, Haier, LG, Lenovo, Microsoft, Panasonic, Philips, Sharp, Sony, TP-Link, Qualcomm and ZTE.

Danny Lousberg, Chairman of AllSeen Alliance, speaks about the partnership with StarHub. Source: Instagram user @weewu

“The AllSeen Alliance has hundreds of millions of devices in stores and homes today that speak AllJoyn, and our organisation is committed to further unifying the smart home. StarHub’s use of AllJoyn in their newly announced service ensures their customers can buy any product that carries the AllJoyn-certified logo in the safe knowledge that it will work seamlessly together with the rest of the system,” said Mr Danny Lousberg, Chairman, AllSeen Alliance.

Being an open platform, HubLife can be integrated with health monitoring equipment to empower caregivers to monitor the well-being of the elderly. Caregivers can measure important health indicators such as blood pressure, blood glucose levels, body weight and body temperature and store all the data securely in the cloud, allowing multiple caregivers to access and track the information at the same time. Homeowners can also use HubLife with energy monitoring equipment to check and reduce the energy consumption of the household.

From today, customers can register online to join a firsthand trial of HubLife in their very own homes before the official launch in the second half of 2016.

To sign up for the HubLife trial, please visit www.starhub.com/hublife-trial.


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