Event – Tableau Conference 2016, Singapore

The event kicked off with Keynote speech by Mr JY Pook, Senior Vice President Tableau Software. The opening addressed the changing environment in the market as well as the rising needs of data management. Mr Pook has also introduced the newest version of Tableau Software – Tableau 9.3.

Mr JY Pook, Tableau Conference 2016 Keynote. Source: Instagram user @weewu

“With the all -new Tableau 9.3, people will immediately notice how sharing and collaboration have become such central features in the applications,” said Mr Pook.

The Tableau 9.3 brings newer and powerful features such as the new “always connected” Tableau Desktop, direct connectivity to the snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse, improved global map coverage, faster ways to prepare data for analysis, more governance features and easier administration.

The keynote is followed by Mr Jessie Calderon, Senior Director Product Development of Tableau Software who spoke about the enhancement made in the latest version. The “always connected” feature means it’s easier to share while staying in the flow of your analysis. He also emphasized on the need to make data prep easier so as to free up users’ time to do the analysis work.

To enhance the connectivity features of Tableau 9.3, users can also connect directly to the Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse, a data warehouse where user can store and manage data in the cloud. Tableau is one of the first data analytic providers with a direct connection with Snowflake.

Jesse Calderon, Tableau Conference 2016 Keynote. Source: Instagram user @weewu

There are other features and enhancements in Tableau 9.3:

  • Ensure Tableau Server availability and optimize performance with new Server monitoring and configuration features
  • Union: For Excel and text-based data sources, users can now easily combine tables of data by appending values (rows) from one table to another
  • Find the right content more quickly now that content analytics and enhanced search capabilities are available in Tableau Server and Tableau Online
  • Use version control to restore previous versions of a published workbook.

The conference is not just about promoting the latest software and acquiring new businesses. For existing Tableau users, the Tableau Conference offers whole-day Tableau Doctor session. During one-on-one appointment, user can ask any questions regarding about their experience with Tableau products. Within a 30-minute session, user can

  • Learn a new trick in Tableau
  • Talk to a Tableau employee about best practices
  • Get a solution to the case that they’ve been working on for months.

The 3-days conference also packed with seminars where speakers from all over the world to share about the science and art of data management and data analysis. In each seminar, you get to hear on the insights of the industry and how Tableau software helps industry professionals in better deciphering the market data.

“Tableau has helped us stay competitive by automating reporting of key metrics and visualizing them in very attractive manner” said Peter Varga, Head of Business Intelligence, Hotel Quickly.

The conference was held from 5 – 7 April 2016 at Marina Bay Sand, Singapore.


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