Fairly Legal – Don’t Litigate, Mediate

A couple of weeks ago, we were invited for the premiere screening of Fairly Legal at The Arts House. Fairly Legal is a US TV series starring Sarah Shahi, Michael Trucco, Baron Vaughn and Virginia Williams.

The female lead, Kate Reed (Sarah Shahi) was once a lawyer at her father’s firm in San Francisco. She became frustrated with the rigidity of the legal system and believed that it is possible to achieve fair and just win-win solutions outside the courtroom, and this led her to a new career as a mediator. She is determined to find the truth about the cases she handles and is a natural when it comes to dispute resolution. However, she is unable to handle the conflicts in her own life.

Since her father’s death, her relationship with her stepmother Lauren (Virginia Williams), who also is her new boss at the law firm, becomes even more strained. Justin (Michael Trucco) is an Assistant District Attorney who is Kate’s soon-to-be ex-husband. He sees the world in black and white and has considerable faith in the legal system, a viewpoint which is completely opposed to Kate’s. As such, there are often philosophical wars between the two. Despite their differences in approach, Kate and Justin are both committed to doing the right thing, and thus there is still some kind of chemistry between them.

Kate’s assistant Leonardo (Baron Vaughn) is resourceful, seemingly has the ability to know what Kate needs all the time, and is supportive of her at times unconventional methods.

Here’s a promo video of Fairly Legal:


Fairly Legal premieres on DIVA UNIVERSAL (Starhub Channel 522), 5th May at 9 pm.


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