Giant Dog Spotted in Singapore

I can’t believe in my eyes! I haven’t seen such a big dog in my life. I was recommended by my sister to go shopping at U Petgamart, a warehouse-concept pet store.  When i walked into the store, this dalmatian look-alike was lying on the floor. When it stood up, its head is about my chest level! (guys, I am about 1.78m tall)

















This shot is not well-taken!

It is a Dog Life?! from Neodimension on Comiqs



It is a dog life! from Neodimension on Comiqs




It’s a Dog Life! from Neodimension on Comiqs













There are a lot of pet stuff over at U Petmamart. It is located at Pasir Ris Farmway 1. 


7 Replies to “Giant Dog Spotted in Singapore”

  1. Jacelyn: U Petgamart mostly sells pet accessories and food. However, you can find various pet farms in Pasir Ris Farm Way. Road is quite bumby but not as bad as Lor Halus.

  2. That’s a great dane, and a small one too! He’s name is Ah Dai, quite well-known in the “dog-circle” for his extremely good temperament.

    I have been around quite a few bigger great danes in Singapore!

  3. unfortunately, U Petgamart was asked to move out of Pasir Ris Farmway. Their new location is 27 West Coast Highway

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