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dsc000351Finally I got time to go for a proper camera workshop! Thanks to Blog2u and Sony for organizing digital camera workshop for the bloggers! Since this is a digital camera workshop, everyone of us will get a Sony DSC T90! Disclaimer! I mean the camera is given to you for practice only. I absolutely love the camera but we still had to return them after the workshop! 🙁   



Hey you thought we, bloggers are expert in photography (because we have tonnes of experience camwhoring!) So what’s there for us to learn?! Come on! Photography is an Art and certainly, there will be something we might find it useful.


dsc000331So who is our Trainer? Kenneth Teo is the Sony Digital Imaging Trainer. If you want to know more about him, you may visit Sony support site – “Night Photography Outing” (The event has already over but there contains some information of Kenneth)


The entire workshop was about 2 hours but Kenneth spent only about 30 minutes on theory. Most of the time was spent on photo shot @Toast Box.



So what have we learnt?

Technical aspect

  • Shutter affects movement – slower shutter speed means the blurrer the image becomes. The Sony T90 provides you an option to adjust the ISO of the camera to capture image with lesser blur. The higher the ISO, the lesser blur it gets on the focus


  • When shooting buildings or landscapes, always keep the horizon and object that you are going to take straight to get the best effect
  • Use slow sync on the Sony T90 to make the background picture brighter as compared to the normal traditional mode
  • For food photography, minimize all distractions by zooming. Avoid using flash and use high ISO. The food looks better when taken at bowl level too.

My takeaway of the workshop? 

Food photo has never easy to take. The workshop has shared very good tips in food photo. Follow the principles and try different angles, you may get the best shot.


If you want to find out more about the workshop, the website is www.sony.com.sg/sdw


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