Golden Palm Launches Chinese New Year Gift Packs, The Ideal Present for Reunion Dinners and Festivities

SINGAPOREFebruary 5 2015, Thursday – Singapore’s health-conscious Chinese sausage manufacturer Golden Palm is delighted to announce the launch of its Chinese New Year gift packs, the ideal present to usher in the family reunion dinners and festivities.

Chinese sausages and waxed meats have always been an unmissable ingredient in well-loved Chinese cuisine. With Golden Palm’s healthier ingredients, be assured you are gifting the best to your loved ones.

Premium Sausages And Meats 

Choose from two options, the Chinese New Year Gift Pack or the Premium Gift Pack. The first, priced at $14.80, contains eight Chinese sausages, in variants like Handmade Smoked Sausage, Drunkard Chicken Sausage, Special Mixed Sausage and Fresh Pork Liver Sausage.

The Premium Gift Pack, priced at $30.80, contains one Waxed Pork Leg, one Waxed Pork Belly as well as 4 Chinese sausages in variants like Handmade Smoked Sausage, Drunkard Chicken Sausage, Special Mixed Sausage, and Chinese Sausage.

Food With A Conscience

All Golden Palm products do not contain any added preservatives or nitrate. The salt and sugar levels are also at least 30% lesser than the traditional Chinese sausages.

In addition, there are only 20% fats in Golden Palm’s premium sausages and 35% in the standard sausages; in comparison, a standard Cantonese-style sausage contains 40% fats.

Mr Tay Ah Beng, director of F&G Food Pte Ltd which owns Golden Palm, said: “We use the healthiest meats and seasonings because our customers trust us to provide them with only the best. With our Chinese New Year gift packs, we make your reunion celebrations a delicious and healthy one.”


Golden Palm Chinese New Year Gift Packs are now available at all local supermarkets and hypermarts.

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