Singapore, January 2015 – As part of this loud, loving, opinionated and multi-talented Cuban-American family, Christina Milian has always been the focus, often to the consternation of her two sisters, Danielle and Lizzy.  Now, Christina is learning how to share the spotlight, and this all-new E! docu series Christina Milian Turned Up, follows Christina as she reinvigorates her music career with a new label, a new sound and a new look, all while raising her young daughter Violet with help from mom Carmen and sisters Danielle and Lizzy.  This season is all about family when middle-sister Danielle tries to balance a new marriage and motherhood; baby sister Lizzy begins a new chapter as a trained culinary chef and converts to Orthodox Judaism, and Carmen attempts to find a happy medium managing Christina’s professional life while keeping a very close watch over her entire family. Christina Milian Turned Up premieres Tuesday, 20 January 2015 at 10PM only on E!.


For years, Christina has commanded center stage in the Milian family, and for good reason.  Mom Carmen moved her three daughters to Los Angeles so that Christina could pursue a much-desired acting career, and Christina was signed to Def Jam Records at just 19 years old.  Music and film success followed for Christina, but recently, sisters Danielle and Lizzy are making their own waves of success.  While Christina’s main focus is raising daughter Violet, she’s also working to reinvigorate her music career by signing with Lil Wayne’s label, Young Money, and putting out new studio music in 2015.  Finding balance between the two is nearly impossible.  And when Christina undertakes a full music and image reinvention, the entire family weighs in with opinions.   


At the center of this family is the strong dynamic between Carmen and Christina, and how that ripples throughout the unit on a daily basis.  While Carmen always tries to be there for her other two daughters and grandchildren, it’s clear that quite often Christina simply is and must be her main focus.  While leading the charge to reinvent Christina’s entire professional persona, Carmen wears many hats and is determined to achieve success.  Meanwhile, Danielle and Lizzy need her attention as well, and therein lies the cause of frequent tension within the family.  Whether celebrating intimate family milestones like birthdays and baptisms or facing the obstacles encountered when Lizzy turns Christina’s entire kitchen upside down to make it “kosher” before a huge party, or Danielle struggling with the ups and downs of her marriage, this family rises above the turmoil with nothing but love. 

Christina Milian Turned Up premieres on Tuesday, 20 January 2015 at 10PM only on E! (Starhub Channel  441).


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