Event Coverage – Hong Kong Company WMP Launched Hello Kitty Edition Windows 10 Tablet

WMP (We aiM for Pride), a brand of Hong Kong-based E-huge Technology Limited, launches Sanrio-themed tablet in Singapore.

Source: Instagram user @weewu

This device is powered by Windows 10 and it is packed with Intel Atom processor and 2GB of DDR ram. See the specification at the end of the post.

The launch of WMP’s Grace 10 Light Hello Kitty tablet will mark E-Huge Technology Limited’s first device launch in Singapore. The Hong Kong-based technology company has over 20 years of experience in developing and manufacturing hi-tech electronic products, and as one of Microsoft’s key China Technology Ecosystem (CTE) partners, E-Huge will continue to develop new Windows devices suited for the varying needs of consumers today.

“We have been channelling focused efforts and resources on Windows devices development, which covers both hardware and software integration and development. Last year alone, we shipped over 450,000 units of Windows devices to markets worldwide. Our goal is to provide innovative yet competitive solutions that boast good quality and cater to the demands of markets worldwide, and we see Singapore as an important market in our global expansion plans,” said Roger Chan, General Manager of E-Huge Technology Limited.

Roger Chan at the launch of Hello Kitty Grace 10 Tablet in Singapore. Source: Instagram user @weewu

“The Grace 10 Light tablet that is launched under our brand, WMP, also represents our vision of ‘We aiM for Pride.’ Our goal is to produce innovative products that are affordable and enjoyable which will appeal to everyone, as we hope that our customers can start their colourful and exciting technology journey with us!”

Arthur Huang, Consumer Channel Group Lead of Microsoft, at the launch. Source: Instagram user @weewu

“At Microsoft, we believe that technology should be functional yet personal. Windows 10 offers an opportunity for our partners to deliver a more personal computing experience by delivering a wider range of products that are suited for every needs. We are heartened that since launch, we have seen more than 200 million devices on Windows 10. This is indeed testament from our customers on the operating system that is delivering a familiar yet innovative experience,” said Arthur Huang, Director, Consumer Channels Group, Microsoft Singapore.

“We are pleased to see our partners such as E-Huge Technology Limited and BEST Denki delivering a broad range of new, attractive and functional Windows devices for customers in Singapore.  The Grace 10 Light Hello Kitty Limited Edition Windows 10 tablet is a start, and we believe that this will be a start for many other Windows 10 devices to come.”

See the specification

The device is currently sold exclusively at Singapore’s Best Denki retail outlet at the price of S$379. (To buy it online, click here)

As part of the promotion, customer can save $20 off with every purchase of Microsoft Office 365 along with the device.

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