Holiday Inn Express Celebrates All Things Savvy with Smart Index Series

Animated round up of smart facts and tips for travellers from seven countries across Asia, Middle East and Africa

Singapore, 10 February 2015: Following the successful pilot episode on Singapore, Holiday Inn Express has produced another four episodes – each focuses on a different country from across Asia, the Middle East and Africa (AMEA). These four new episodes feature Australia, India, Indonesia and South Africa with two more episodes on Thailand and the UAE due to be released in the coming months.

The collection of animated motion graphics puts the spotlight on some of the smartest minds, inventions, travel tips and facts from the region’s top travel destinations.


Each episode explores random and quirky facts from different places, such as who invented the notepad, to practical travel tips on how to hail a taxi in Thailand or how to eat like a local in Indonesia. Travellers are taken on an engaging and visual journey through this dynamic and exciting region, whilst also learning new tips which will help them get to grips with new destinations.


Within South East Asia, the latest episode featuring Indonesia’s Smart Index highlights some of the country’s fascinating local culture, savvy tips to explore different Indonesian cities and some of the countries smartest achievements such as the Borobudur temple in Central Java, an architectural masterpiece and largest Buddhist temple in the world.


Viewers can watch the Australia, Indonesia, India and South Africa Smart Index episodes on the Holiday Inn Express YouTube page at or


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