Indulge in @HotelRe ’s Exclusive Selection of #Mooncakes to Celebrate #MidAutumn2015

Singapore, September 2015 – Celebrate this mid-autumn festival with Hotel Re! @ Pearl’s Hill’s exclusive selection of four detectable mooncake flavours. Now available for purchase till 27 September 2015, this year’s exciting line-up consists of White Lotus Single Yolk, Green Tea Mochi, Pure White Cranberry Lotus and Bamboo Charcoal.

Hotel Re! Assorted Mooncakes
Hotel Re! Assorted Mooncakes

The White Lotus Single Yolk mooncake is made with traditional white lotus paste, mixed nuts and single yolk. Baked to a golden brown, this classic flavor promises a smooth blend of natural sweetness, savory and crunch.

For green tea lovers, don’t miss the Green Tea Mochi mooncake, featuring a pampering mix of rich green tea lotus paste with chewy mochi filling and sunflower seeds.

Want to taste something extraordinary? Have a go at the Bamboo Charcoal mooncake, a delicious combination of dried scallop lotus paste with salted egg filling.

Last but not least on the spotlight is the Pure White Cranberry Lotus mooncake. Using premium cranberry lotus paste mixed with tangy flavours of dried apricot and sunflower seeds, you can anticipate a delightful and refreshing twist to your taste buds.

Each set of the four irresistible mooncakes is presented in a specially designed premium gift box with papercut vase printing and auspicious wishing in Chinese characters, perfect for gifting to families, friends and business associates.

Guests may purchase Hotel Re! @ Pearl’s Hill’s mooncakes at Re!Fill Restaurant. Each box is priced at $58.85 nett. Re!Fill Restaurant diners and hotel room guests get to enjoy a special discounted rate of $47 nett per box while Re!Members are entitled to the members-only price of $40 nett.

In addition, the mooncakes will go on sale at Compasspoint Mall and Sun Plaza Mall from 14 September to 27 September.


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