Internationally Acclaimed Milan Pole Dance Studio Sets Foot in Singapore

Singapore – Renowned international dance school, Milan Pole Dance Studio (MPDS), has opened its first pole and aerial fitness studio in Asia, providing one of a kind fitness and dance workout for women and men of all ages and different fitness levels.

For the first time in Singapore, fitness enthusiasts can immerse in a dose of alterative workouts at MPDS, a one-stop pole and aerial fitness studio that houses a comprehensive-suite of fitness and dance classes.


Ladies practising their pole-dancing
Ladies practising their pole-dancing

Following the stunning success in Milan, Montréal and Dubai, Milan Pole Dance Studio has chosen Singapore to be their base in Asia. Located in the eclectic neighborhood of Bukit Pasoh, the studio offers intense yet fun workouts through its signature Pole & Aerial Fitness classes, ranging from Basic Pole Dance to Pole Gymnastics as well as Aerial Fabrics, Hoop and Silk classes.


Pole and Aerial Fitness is one of the fastest growing fitness trends in the world today and has become officially recognized as a sport. It is a discipline that promotes strength, flexibility and cardiovascular benefits combining dance, gymnastics and acrobatics.


Founder of Milan Pole Dance, Krystel Arbia, shared, “We have noticed that there is a growing demand in Asia who are constantly on a lookout for alternative ways of working out. As such, we take pride in introducing this fun and intense full body workout that we are certain many fitness enthusiasts will find excitement in.


Local co-owners Tracy Mak and Celeste Wang are determined to raise the profile of pole talents here. “There are many talents in Singapore and Asia who have the potential to take on bigger endeavours in the Pole and Aerial arena. With our world-class instructors and training programmes, we would like to groom the next generation of enthusiasts and help them realize their full potential on the global stage.” said Tracy.

MPDS is proud to have renowned instructors of Pole and Aerial Fitness and are winners of various international Pole Dance Championship titles. Visiting Master Trainer and French Pole Dance Champion 2010, Prana Ovide-Etienne will be in Singapore to teach during its opening months.



The 60-minute lessons consist of a very balanced training mix: warm up, technique training, choreography and stretching. Instructors follow a weekly schedule and structure, incorporating lifts, spins, tricks and combinations.


Dance routines and aerial acrobatics provide great cardiovascular benefits, whereas pole gym classes focus on improving technique and strength. Students are guaranteed an intense and effective workout at every level. Contortion classes provide focused training for back strength and flexibility whereas Twerk classes involve lots of cheeky dance moves and floor work that are favourites of many Hollywood celebrities. In Aerial Fabrics classes, students learn graceful yet strong tricks and choreographies on a spinning, suspended hammock.


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