Jaymee Ong demo YoGA on Wii’s Balance Board


IMG_9824 As I have mentioned in my previous post, Nintendo has an event outside Plaza Sing and Jaymee Ong will be demonstrating on how you can exercise with the Nintendo’s Balance Board.

Before you start playing with the board, there are several setting that you need to do. First, the system will be measuring your Body Mass Index (BMI). 


Balance Test


From the way Jaymee does it, it looks pretty difficult to balance both left and right bars.


You will repeat this several times and each time, the blue bars will get smaller which make it difficult to balance both left and right sides.


After all the tests are completed, the system will generate result showing your Wii Fit Age. Guess what? Jaymee is 41 years old! (way older than her actual age!) 


Now, let’s do YOGA with the board. She demonstrated several positions but i think “Dance” is by far the hardest position in YOGA. I would have to say Jaymee did it beautifully not withstanding the fact she has good figures.


Wii will also detect your motion and provide instruction if you are “out-of-balance” 


At the end of each position, the system will give a verdict on your balance.


First impression of the balance board. I guess Nintendo has been very focused on interactivities of their product. This creates a niche in the market and indirectly promotes healthy living. Guys won’t not want to play YOGA with Wii (They don’t even do the real YOGA). However, I believe ladies will like this product especially those whom have a hectic work life and do not have time to attend your YOGA lesson. This machine could be a good substitute.


Currently, the Wii console is selling at the price of $349 and the Balance Board prices at $159 with Wii Fit Plus.

If you have missed Jaymee’s demo today, you may wish to attend tomorrow session from 4.00 pm – 5.00 pm.

More photos of Jaymee here


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