Kindness Mob Ambushes Crowd at Tampines 1 Mall with Dance for Kindness

Singapore Kindness Movement flashmob dancers for the third time to celebrate World Kindness Day

SINGAPORE, 10 November 2014 – A group of flashmob dancers brought their moves to Tampines 1 Mall yesterday, grooving enthusiastically to an energetic tune that caught the public by surprise.

Dance for Kindness is a flashmob initiative facilitated by the Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) in Singapore for the third time, in commemoration of World Kindness Day on 13 November. The initiative was launched by the World Kindness Movement in 2012 and is supported by American non-profit Life Vest Inside. Across the globe, numerous kindness organisations and their supporters have taken on the annual flashmob in common celebration of kindness.

After the 10-minute performance here in Singapore’s heartlands, the dancers, who had been gathered by SKM in advance, handed out postcards to the crowd. The kindness postcards were given out to encourage messages of kindness to be written on them and passed on to others. Through Dance for Kindness, SKM encourages the public to celebrate kindness in a light-hearted way. This year, 20 volunteers participating in the flashmob in Singapore.

Dr. William Wan, General Secretary of the Singapore Kindness Movement, shared: “The enthusiasm shown by the flashmobbers and passers-by always motivates us to continue bringing in Dance for Kindness. Spreading the message of kindness does not have to be preachy or dull. In fact, it can be something very fun and meaningful. While enjoying the celebratory atmosphere, we hope the public are also reminded to pass on kindness to others, and to show appreciation for the kindness they receive.”



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