May the worst remains in 2014! Let’s look forward to 2015!

May the worst remains in 2014! The AirAsia QZ8501’s incident is an extremely unfortunate event especially to those whose family members or friends onboard the plane. No matter what, faith and hope are the best cure for all sorrow.  To all affected ones, I would like to say, “take care and be strong!”


To those who are still involving in the search and rescue, your courage and hard work have gone beyond your call of duty. Your good deeds will be remembered!


I have switched my Facebook profile page to white which symbolise “A New Beginning” in colour psychology. That will mark the end of 2014. More importantly, white represents “Hope”. Rescue and recovery works for QZ8501 are hampered by bad weathers. Let hopes that everything could be carried out smoothly.


To all humankind, wish you a hopeful and blessed 2015!

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