Meet global business leaders at mobile marketing forum asia 2009 in singapore

Mobile Marketing Forum Asia 2009 is organized by Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) and co-organized by Singapore infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF). Supported by Infocomm Development  Authority (IDA) of Singapore, the forum brings together the entire mobile marketing ecosystem to discuss developments and best practices in the industry at Suntec City Convention Centre.


I was very glad to be invited by Joan and Jeff from the Rice Communication as the technology blogger for this event. The event is truly a cohesive community of mobile businesses. Within the short 2 days, visitors will be expecting more than 40 talks on mobile marketing and the available technology that has changed the way businesses communicate with their customers.

MMF@suntec 27 - 29 APR 119 (Picture above) Program Schedule

The 2-day event connects regulators, brands, agencies, content aggregators, carriers, device manufacturers, technology developers and other major players in the mobile marketing industry. The event also includes a special focus on Visual Code to highlight ongoing technology developments with barcodes, zap codes, QR and similar interactive modes of content capture.

MMF@suntec 27 - 29 APR 099

MMF@suntec 27 - 29 APR 100 (Picture above) Complimentary TCC’s Premium Coffee

Another interesting element of the event is live streaming where attendees can text in their questions via the live stream platform which are projected on to the event screen. The live streaming is done by

     MMF@suntec 27 - 29 APR 105 (Picture above) Live Questions from abroad

In my opinion, marketing is about communication with the customers. MMF highlights the key essences of mobile marketing in Asia and this has certainly benefited not only for those who are already in the mobile business but also, companies which are currently exploring mobile as the new channel to engage their customers. 

The event happens on 28 & 29 Apr 2009.

For more information about the event, please visit

4 Replies to “Meet global business leaders at mobile marketing forum asia 2009 in singapore”

  1. The event focuses on mobile marketing and the special blend of visual codes inside. A unique combination considering codes are widely used as marketing in many parts of the world.

    What interested me was on the experience of using the codes that were sent out via SMSes for tickets registration and coffee redemptions.. an innovation showcase. Definitly a way for marketeers to capitalise on.

  2. Mark: you are absolutely right. Codes sent via sms is probably the most sensible option given the fact that mobile users are still pretty skeptical of installing visual codes into their phone. No doubt visual code is still a pretty innovative technology

  3. Yeah, visual code is primarily an enabler of technology. Over here in US (CA), there are codes on bus shetlers, posters for people to scan for info.
    Its interesting to see that there are pretty much activities going around in SG..
    reasons cld potentially be the landscape and readiness of the country.

    Kinda like the first speaker, was is the GOH, who painted the mobile broad pic and the
    above 130% of penetration rate.. such combinations wld really be ideal case for everyone.

  4. I agree with Stefan. Although Singapore is a small nation, its high mobile penetration rate has been attractive for companies to test their applications in Singapore.

    Visual codes has potential. The issue here is how to “push” the ideas to the Singapore users. This is something that really depends on the telcos and the mobile handset makers.

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