Mystery Box in Shopping Belts Showers Public with Random Acts of Kindness

To support its message of “A Nation of Kindness Starts with One”, the Singapore Kindness Movement is surprising the public with an unusual “gift”—the Kindness Nexus. The Kindness Nexus is a pop-up container that serves as a base for dozens of volunteers to “ambush” passers-by with acts of kindness. The Kindness Nexus is active over this weekend, at the walkway outside Ngee Ann City, and the weekend of 25 and 26 Oct at the Vivocity SkyPark, between 11am to 5pm.

The gaily-decorated Kindness Nexus features an LED countdown timer that runs down every 60 minutes. Volunteers will emerge from the container every hour, armed with a variety of mood changers—from bright balloons, to cooling refreshments, high-fives,
and more—to surprise passers-by with small gifts and acts of kindness and affirmation.


A volunteer giving out balloons to surprise a family
A volunteer giving out balloons to surprise a family


Dr. William Wan, General Secretary of the Singapore Kindness Movement, said, “The Kindness Nexus is a representation of the heart of kindness. We aren’t always given the opportunity to make grand gestures of gratitude or kindness, but there are always
opportunities for small acts of kindness. The heart of kindness, like any other muscle, needs regular exercise to stay healthy and strong.”
“It is our hope that the passers-by will be pleasantly surprised by these simple acts of kindness, and will feel encouraged to spread the happiness and joy outwards to others through their own acts of kindness,” he continued.



Chua Jia Xiang, 27, a passer-by who was surprised by one of the volunteers, shared, “I was walking on the street and this guy suddenly gave me a high-five. He was very friendly and it was a very good little surprise. This really reminds me that even a simple
act can make someone’s day. I hope I can receive little surprises every day and I can also give some of my own to others.”
To make the Kindness Nexus a reality, the Singapore Kindness Movement partnered with a number of companies including Allswell, Cocoloco, Gardenia, Neo Garden, and


A volunteer sharing umbrella with a couple
A volunteer sharing umbrella with a couple


The Kindness Nexus is just one of a series of activities being undertaken by the Kindness Movement as part of its annual “Nation of Kindness” campaign. Last month, the Movement unveiled its kindness ambassadors in a media campaign, and introduced the Awkward Ah Seng character in a series of social media videos. It also launched a hashtag campaign encouraging the public to make simple pledges of kindness.

For more information on the 2015 “Nation of Kindness” campaign, please visit

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