New Activity in Town – Xcape Singapore

You know things get bored easily especially you are making a living in small city-size country like Singapore. Often, you face difficulties in finding an interesting place to spend your weekend ( and watching Korea drama seem to be a very good pass-time these days).


Well, I certainly do not want to waste my time spending at home over the weekend. So, let’s try and look for some other excitement in this tiny red dot where I live in.


Got to know this new company Xcape. Visit their website and look like they have really interesting “RPG-like” game activities that I have yet to come across (at least in Singapore). Hence, I signed up the activities together with my friends. So what is Xcape?

Xcape Singapore is a reality room escape game in Singapore. It serves to create the Hollywood feel in which participants will have to escape out from an entrapped room through solving a series of puzzles. It is like online RPG game but the difference here, the participants will be phyisically in the story plot.

There are several games you can choose from depending on the difficulties and each game usually takes about an hour (or even longer if you are trapped). You may wish to take a look at their website: for the choices of game. My advice: If you are not a Pro in RPG, go for the easiest one, bring your friends along (preferably form a group of 4). Block up about 2 – 2.5 hours of your afternoon time for this activity just in case you can’t clear the game in time for your next appointment.


I have also included the address – 8 Purvis Street #04-01, Postal 188587. Be aware of the surrounding, you may find interesting clues to their office.



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