OPPO’s Latest N3 Will Be Available This Week in Singapore!

OPPO’s newest smartphone innovation – N3, the World’s First Smartphone with a Motorised Rotatable Camera, will be available in Singapore by 17 Jan 2015 for $849.

OPPO N3 smartphone features a powerful motorized rotating 16MP Schneider Optic camera. Combining functionality, beauty and incredible performance across every parameter, the N3 is designed for life and the perfect embodiment of OPPO’s products.

This unique innovation has sparked interests in many, and has seen over two million preorders for the OPPO N3 on China’s e-commerce website www.JD.com. The first 10,000 sets of N3 were wiped out in just 9 minutes.

“OPPO’s N3 was built and designed with our users in mind. We took what our users loved about the N1 and made it even better,” said Sean Deng – Managing Director of OPPO Singapore. “The N3 is a perfect demonstration of our commitment to design and innovation.”


The N3 delivers crystal-clear images equivalent to those taken with a professional DSLR camera. The16-megapixel camera with automated target-tracking technology and colourful night feature means the OPPO N3 delivers high resolution images every time, good enough for high quality prints.

For mobile photography at its finest, users can control the swivel camera rotation in three ways: by using the O-Click device, in-phone gestures, and the much-loved touch access function.

The O-Click paired-Bluetooth device also doubles as a phone tracker, which also works in reverse, allowing your phone to track your O-Click and anything else attached to it — housekeys, perhaps?


I have previously blogged about the N3 ‘s specification. You may wish to check up the link here.


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