@OPPOSg Launches #Mirror5s and #Neo5s in #Singapore

OPPO announces the launch of two of its smartphones, the OPPO Neo 5s and the OPPO Mirror 5s, out on the 22nd and the 29th of August respectively. 


Neo 5s
Neo 5s
The Neo 5s is a great entry-level phone that stands out from its peers, offering specifications that are unheard of in the entry-level range. Among its bevy of features, it sports an 8 megapixel camera, dual-SIM capabilities and the Flash Shot, a camera function unique to the OPPO line of phones that allow you to take a photo even with the screen switched off.
Mirror 5s
Mirror 5s
The Mirror 5s on the other hand, is a mid-range phone. Like the Neo 5s, it also punches above its weight-class in terms of specifications, while maintaining affordability. Designed for the bold and stylish, it features a unique-mirror like back, comprising of individually cut and embossed glass sections that reflect light in different directions.

The Mirror 5s in white will be available at all Singtel and M1 stores, and select retail outlets from August 29 at $369



The OPPO Neo 5s is now available at all Singtel and M1 stores, and select retail outlets at $229.

To read the full press releases, visit here
Full spec for Mirror 5s here
Full spec for Neo 5s here

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