Pioneer Car AV Launch 2015 – Introduce New Line of Subwoofers, Amplifier & Speakers

Pioneer Electronics, a leader in aftermarket car audio, today introduces its 2015 line of subwoofers, amplifier and speakers. Engineered with world-class audio technology, this series has been developed to deliver supreme power and clarity for car audiophiles.

Pioneer’s Champion Series Subwoofers

Built upon the world’s top-performing Pioneer Champion Flagship SPL (Sound Pressure Level) subwoofers known for producing unparalleled sound clarity and volume, the new line of Champion series subwoofers are available in 10 and 12 inch versions with dual or single 4-ohm voice coils. They include TS-W311 (12 inch), TS-W311D4 (12 inch), TS-W311S4 (12 inch), TS-W261D4 (10 inch) and TS-W261S4 (10 inch).


Pioneer Car Audio Demo
Pioneer Car Audio Demo

These new subwoofers inherit Pioneer SPL’s award-winning feature – an independent spider holder separate from the basket, enhancing the clarity of bass sound reproduction and improving the linearity of excursion at high volume levels. This is made possible by dampening unwanted movements to its cone with the basket. Computer-aided engineering enables Pioneer’s new IMPP Composite Cone to spot a surface spoke design that is extremely rigid yet lightweight to prevent cone failure even at high sound pressure levels.


Drivers who love their music loud will also appreciate these subwoofers for being the world’s first to incorporate Dual Layer Elastic Polymer Surround, which dramatically improves sound quality at louder volumes. Clear, punchy bass sounds are made possible with these models’ new highly rigid fully enclosed basket structure. Its magnetic circuitry is also tightly fixed to the basket to suppress undesirable sound-distorting recoil to the cone.

Pioneer’s Smallest Digital Amplifier

Despite its ultra-compact design, Pioneer’s smallest digital amplifier GM-D1004, should never be underestimated. It produces clear, powerful sound even at high volumes, thanks to its high-power 100 W x 4 channels. Its compact dimensions enable it to be easily installed behind the center console or inside the console box with the cables provided, eliminating the need for complicated wiring.


Car sound subwoofer and speaker demo
Car sound sub woofer and speaker demo

Drivers who place an importance on high definition audio will be happy to know GM-D1004 makes this a reality through outstanding features like the Total Vibration Control concept that utilizes anti-vibration materials and advanced structural engineering to eliminate audible distortion caused by microscopic component resonance, as well as an Input Sensor which allows the amplifier to automatically detect an input signal and select an input mode between the RCA level and the speaker level. The GM-D1004’s circuit is fitted with Protection Control System which senses its internal temperature and automatically adjusts the input level accordingly, resulting in greater reliability.


New Pioneer G-series speakers combines clearer sound and superb power with affordability


The G-Series line of entertainment speakers aim to bring listening pleasure to drivers and passengers at a reasonable cost. The new affordable range consists of seven high-performance speakers that come with an Injection Molded Polypropylene (IMPP) Cone with mica for more vivid sounds and impactful bass as well as enhancements like better power handling, improved installation coverage and new cosmetic design.


The new G-Series speakers feature:

  • Injection Molded Polypropylene (IMPP) cone with mica – The mica is infused into the cone material in precise proportions to optimize cone rigidity, which results in a more impactful solid bass.
  • High Sensitivity Speakers – Designed by Pioneer to have higher sensitivity than other brands available in the market, the new G-Series offer superior sound clarity even at low volume. Sensitivity is important when choosing a speaker—when speakers aren’t sensitive enough, listeners tend to turn up the volume, which can result in sound distortion and spoil the sound quality.
  • Increased Power Handling – The new speaker line handles up to 15 percent more power than its TS-G predecessors, handling the higher power produced by many aftermarket car head units.
  • Improved Installation Coverage – The new series was designed to make installation easier—its shallower mounting depth, additional pitch holes, and adjusted diameter makes it easier to attach to most cars from various brands.
  • New Cosmetic Design – The new speakers feature a newly designed grill and flange, bringing a classier appearance that suits all car models.

Available in popular sizes including 10 cm, 13 cm and 16 cm, plus a new component set to meet the increasing market demand for pairs:

  • 10 cm: TS-G1045R (210 W Max), TS- G1015R (190 W Max)
  • 13 cm: TS-G1345R (250 W Max), TS-G1315R (230 W Max)
  • 16 cm: TS-G1645R (250 W Max), TS-G1615R (230 W Max),
  • Component set: TS-G1605C (280 W Max)

Pioneer subwoofers, digital amplifiers and G-series speakers will be available at Pioneer authorised dealers from November 2014.

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