Pioneer launches CD receivers that deliver greater performance and connectivity for drivers

Pioneer Electronics, a leader in aftermarket car electronics, released two new digital media and nine CD receiver models.It includes significant enhancements in connectivity and display, while providing fuss-free control functions for greater efficiency and a safer drive. Drivers can now navigate the settings directly from their steering wheel and adjust illumination across a broader range of settings to their preference when driving during day and night. The key features of the new receivers also include Bluetooth®1 wireless connectivity for dual phone connection, improved speech clarity and smoother browsing experiences via both iOS and Android devices.



Pioneer’s new CD receivers with built-in Bluetooth wireless capability1 such as DEH-X6750BT supports:

* Full Time Connection for Two Phones – For the first time, Pioneer features Full Time Connection for two smartphones. The phones’ settings are remembered by the receiver and are automatically connected once detected in the car. For example, drivers can connect and access their personal and business phones simultaneously through the receiver without the hassle of switching between phones.

* Wide Band Speech – With Bluetooth upgrade to HFP version 1.6, drivers experience greater speech clarity and enjoy natural conversations and better speech recognition with Hands Free Calling. The new CD receivers come with twice the bandwidth frequency compared to previous models.

* Wireless Audio Browsing – Once connected to Bluetooth, drivers can search their music library on the head unit display without a single touch on their smartphones, allowing for a safer drive. The new AVRCP 1.5 version allows drivers to browse music files on both iOS and Android devices.

Price of the respective models are as follow:

Model Price
DEH-X7750UI  SRP $369
DEH-X6750BT  SRP $319
DEH-X3750UI  SRP $249
DEH-X2750UI  SRP $219
DEH-X1750UB  SRP $199
FH-X775BT  SRP $429
FH-X575UI  SRP $299




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