Press Release – Happi Launches In Singapore Empowering People to Drive Donations to Their Cause in just 30 Seconds Without Spending a Single Cent

Happi aggregates small acts for big impact to charities, teams, clubs, schools and social concern groups in Singapore while rewarding consumers with special offers, targeted promotions and chances to win items from over 90 merchants

SINGAPORE, 4 March 2016 Happi, a pioneering social enterprise that enables consumers to drive donations to a cause they care about in just 30 seconds per day, officially launches its web and mobile applications (iOS and Android) in Singapore this month. Happi enables people to get special deals on high quality offerings and potentially win those in lucky draws and Random Acts of Happiness1. The app drives further donations to the cause they care about by responding to a simple quick five- question survey.


Screenshots above from the Happi IOS App: (left) easy-to-navigate shopping categories, (centre) example of a high- quality merchant offering, (right) partner categories.

Who Does Happi Benefit

Consumers Happi enables its members to win prizes and get tailored promotions, all while supporting the community group they select. In just 30 seconds and without spending a single cent, members simply log in, select deals they want to win or buy, and then take a five-question survey. That 30-second survey drives a donation to their charity, downloads the coupon for the deal to their phone, enters them in a lucky draw to win that item, and, if they select 10 offerings a month, they get another chance to win each item they selected in the Random Act of Happiness.
Partners Happi currently provides 45 teams, clubs, charities, student groups and community groups with funding. Specifically, $1 per signup, $0.10 per “smile“, $10,000 for each 50,000 smiles, and $5 for every purchase the partner’s supporters make. Happi estimates that for every 1,000 actively engaged users, doing one 30- second, five- question survey per day, Happi will be able to drive $144,000 annually to each partner organisation.
Merchants Happi currently enables over 90 merchants to distribute targeted promotions to a large and well-defined audience free-of-charge. The only charge to the merchant is a donation made to the respective community group when a Happi member makes a purchase.
Sponsors Sponsor support makes all of this possible. Brands and researchers sponsor each survey question and event invitation to understand, engage, and manage one-to-one interactions at scale with people of specific consumer profiles.

Greg Lipper, Happi’s Founder and Chief Happiness Officer, said, “Happi is a platform for people helping people where each participant’s small acts lead to big impacts for any cause they’re passionate about. We are especially excited to launch in Singapore, where people are so busy that they find it challenging to support the causes and groups they care about. Happi now gives people a fast, easy, free, and rewarding way to give support to the group they care about. This is a great example of how social enterprises can create huge social benefit while also being sustainable without individual financial support, and at a very grassroots level.”

Despite being very new in the market, Happi has successfully managed to secure several early-adopter Partners who are convinced of Happi’s ability to drive funds to their organizations through their existing databases.

Mr. Rob Pierce, co-founder of Edible Garden City (EGC), said, “Our partnership has made it quick and easy for both new and existing EGC followers to drive funds towards our organization, get special offers on great products, and potentially win those products in Happi’s lucky draws and Random Acts of Happiness. We will use the money Happi gives us to improve our infrastructure at the Autism Resource Centre. In addition to financial support, Happi also provides EGC free publicity, facilitates corporate sponsorships, and supports our events. All of this helps us deliver on our vision to make Singapore an Edible Garden City.”

Mr. Yong Teck Meng, National Director of Habitat for Humanity Singapore, said,”Our partnership has enabled us to reach both new and existing Habitat supporters to raise awareness and funds in our endeavor to improve the quality of life for those from disadvantaged and marginalized backgrounds. Happi gives us a vehicle to teach people about the importance of action and to support our vision to have a world where everyone has a decent place to live.”

CaptionCube, a social enterprise that provides captioning services to convert speech into text, is also an early adopter Partner of Happi. Lim Jingjie, Co-founder of CaptionCube, said, “Happi is a great idea because it allows people to shop and browse through interesting new products and do good at the same time! We will use the money Happi gives us to subsidise the costs of captioning services for deaf/hard of hearing students in Institutes of Higher Learning. This helps us deliver on our vision to build a more inclusive and accessible learning environment.”

For a full list of over 45 Happi Partners, please refer to Appendix 1.

For a full list of over 90 Happi Merchants, please refer to Appendix 2.

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