December 2015, Singapore – Members of the media, bloggers, business partners and special guests were treated to a stylish affair as Atlas Sound & Vision Pte Ltd launched the latest flagship products from Swedish fashion and lifestyle brand Happy Plugs – Sound Piece and Sound Piece Mini. Held on 3 December 2015 at klapsons, The Boutique Hotel, guests experienced first-hand the state-of-the-art sound technology and minimalist Swedish design that make these wireless speakers a must-have for modern homes and music aficionados.

Kenneth Wong, Director, Strategy & Planning of Atlas Sound & Vision
Kenneth Wong, Director, Strategy & Planning of Atlas Sound & Vision

The intimate launch was hosted by Kenneth Wong, Director, Strategy & Planning of Atlas Sound & Vision, official distributor of Happy Plugs in Singapore, while the Happy Plugs Sound Piece and Sound Piece Mini, along with Happy Plugs’ brand story were presented by Hermine Bonde, Happy Plugs Global Sales Director.



Hermine Bonde, Happy Plugs Global Sales Director.
Hermine Bonde, Happy Plugs Global Sales Director.

Happy Plugs Sound Piece is crafted for the modern sophisticated home owner, marrying interior design with consumer electronics. Just as how fashion accessories and gadgets help reflect a person’s lifestyle and personality, a home speaker should fit the aesthetics of each home.

Happy Plugs Sound Piece does just that with customisation. With exchangeable grills in multiple designs and colours, the Sound Piece integrates easily into the home as an essential centrepiece and music centre.

For those on the go, the Sound Piece Mini is a compact and portable speaker that fits into one’s carry-on. A built-in microphone also allows the device to double up as a conference speaker and speakerphone.

Sound Piece and Sound Piece Mini
Sound Piece and Sound Piece Mini



The Happy Plugs Sound Piece and Sound Piece Mini are retailing at $329 and $139, respectively. Each speaker comes with the signature black grill and new exchangeable grills are available in the same colours and styles as the existing Happy Plugs design portfolio.

These products will be sold through Atlas Estore and selected resellers island-wide.


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Happy Plugs is a Swedish brand that creates and manufactures stylish mobile accessories born with the ambition of transforming essential tech accessories into fashion must-haves. Happy Plugs is designed in Sweden, known for its vibrant fashion and music scenes. Our idea is simple; we believe that mobile accessories not only should fit your mobile device, but also fit your style. We like to keep it elegant and classic, but yet fun and affordable. Happy Plugs are currently available in over 6,000 shops in 70+ countries worldwide.


Atlas inspires dreams across generations through the power of sound and vision. Beyond passion for great audio and visual products, Atlas truly cares about the experiences they create for people and the relationships they help foster. Everything that Atlas touches – from products and partners to customers and staff – is an integrated effort to connect people with each other and their dreams.

Atlas itself spans across generations, beginning as a humble record library on Market Street in 1963 by Mr. A.B. Tien and his wife Jeannie. Atlas started with renting music, and then branched out to provide sound consultancy and began offering sound equipment as well.

Now guided by the next generation of the Tien family and an expanded team, Atlas is building on its deep rooted passion for sound and vision to bring its expertise across generations, from families to music lovers to youth.

Atlas has been an expert in music since the beginning, in step through its transition from records, to 8-tracks, to cassettes, to CDs to today’s digital formats. Understanding how music and media are so ingrained in people’s lives, Atlas seeks to share their insights beyond simply sound, and into the latest, most inspiring lifestyle trends and technology.


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