Press Release: Honestbee announces Successful Applicants of #WorldsCoolestJob

Left to right: Andy Lau from Hong Kong, Danielle Lin from Singapore

SINGAPORE, 28 December 2015 – honestbee, the fastest growing on-demand grocery concierge and delivery service company, today announces the successful applicants of the “World’s Coolest Job” campaign. Andy Lau from Hong Kong and Danielle Lin from Singapore, both 24, have emerged victorious, winning the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work in Niseko, Japan, after having gone through grueling rounds of selection process.

“We are really excited to have picked our successful applicants who will soon be on their way to Niseko,” said Joel Sng, CEO, honestbee. “There, they will represent our brand at the forefront, to deliver on our commitment of a personalised and high-quality service to our customers as trained shopper and delivery bees. Of course, we will ensure that they have a time of their lives.”

From 4 to 31 January 2016, Andy and Danielle will be stationed in Japan’s mythical snow paradise, Niseko. They can expect to enjoy one of the best job perks available such as trying out the world-renowned onsens, as well as skiing and snowboarding down the powdery slopes of Niseko. On top of that, they will be paid an attractive salary of US$10,000 plus expenses, training, living cost, transport and exclusive activities.

honestbee’s “World’s Coolest Job” campaign ran from 23 November to 18 December 2015, where potential candidates were invited to submit their applications via Instagram, highlighting why they will be great for the job. The top 10 submissions were shortlisted for an interview with a panel of judges comprising honestbee executives.

Andy and Danielle will be sharing their exciting experiences in Niseko via the honestbee social media channels. You can follow them on Facebook ( and Instagram (@honestbeejp).

Winners Profile

Andy Lau

“Winning the #WorldsCoolestJob makes me feel that I am in control of my life; that I am doing something that is, finally, solely the result of what I wanted for myself. I can finally call what I’m doing my own. This is something special that I’m doing, and I ‘made it’ myself. I want it to be a testament to people who are afraid to go after their dreams; that if they had believed and acted, albeit with uncertainty, they could own something truly theirs too. Otherwise, it will always remain being a dream.”

Danielle Lim

“Winning this means the world to me and this would be such a hallmark moment for my life. I’m ending my one year journey of freelancing and will soon be entering corporate world, so this would be a fantastic BANG to end this chapter of my life. But most importantly, being part of this amazing campaign to show the heart of the company would be the highlight of my life thus far, as nothing I’ve experienced will come close to this.”


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