Press Release – Precision and Elegance Enhanced: Casio Singapore Launches New OCEANUS OCW-G1100

Equipped with GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor Technology, Dual Coil Motor and a completely new hue of blue – Precise timekeeping anywhere in the world has never been easier and more elegant with the OCEANUS OCW-G1100

Singapore, 21 March 2015: Casio Singapore has announced the launch of the OCEANUS OCW-G1100, the latest generation model from the OCEANUS line of solar powered, radio-controlled metal timepieces. Encased in full titanium, the sleek OCW-G1100 is fit with Casio’s proprietary and world’s first GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor Technology and a Dual Coil Motor for increased precision and functionality.

A must-have for discerning travellers, the OCW-G1100 offers swift access to precise world time adjustments, while its dual-toned sapphire crystal bezel and striking blue design accents make it a stylish accessory for both the airport and the boardroom.

Enhanced Precision in Timekeeping for the Globetrotter

The OCW-G1100 features Casio’s pioneering and world’s first GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor Technology that harnesses both Global Positioning System (GPS) signals as well as radio-wave calibration signals from six satellite towers around the world for precise timekeeping anywhere in the world.

The OCW-G1100 is also engineered with a high-torque Dual Coil Motor that powers the hands of the inset dial at the 6 o’clock position to swiftly rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise once the World Time Function is activated. In addition, wearers will be able to nimbly switch between world and home time displays, enabling frequent travellers to multi-task effectively across time zones.

Elegant Design Enhancements for the Stylish Gentleman

The OCW-G1100 boasts a unique two-toned blue and black sapphire crystal bezel which helps make a distinction between varying Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) zones. The right side of the bezel is accented in a remarkable blue hue achieved with a vapour deposition technique and indicates time zones ahead of UTC, while the left side rendered in black indicates time zones behind UTC. While extremely functional, this captivating colour transition is also designed to resemble the earth’s blue atmosphere transitioning into the darkness of space while the index marks, inset dial rings and indicators within the watch face are in three additional distinct hues of blue to complete a harmonious arrangement of blue accents.  

Utilising a gemstone synthesis and crystallisation technology, the second hand of the watch is embellished with the tough allure of recrystallized blue sapphire to add brilliance with each ticking movement, adding to the sophistication of the OCEANUS OCW-G1100.

The inner and outer surface of the dual sapphire crystal watch face is also treated with a non-reflective coating, enabling wearers to achieve greater readability and visibility at all times.

Pricing and Availability

The elegantly designed OCEANUS OCW-G1100 is available at a Suggested Retail Price of SGD$2,799.00, and will retail at the G-FACTORY PREMIUM store at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, G FACTORY stores  at ION and JEM, as well as Casio Singapore’s exclusive retailer, Cortina Watch Chinatown Point.

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