Press Release – SEA Consumers Shopping More on 12/12; Brands that Recognise Seasonality Trends Achieve More User Engagement

Criteo (NASDAQ: CRTO), the performance marketing technology company, revealed today that Southeast Asian consumers are shopping more online during 12/12. With 62 percent of users making the final purchase on a different device than the one they initially browsed with, regional retailers who can capitalise on this mobile shopping trend will be more successful at converting transactions in the shopping seasons that follow.


Based on Criteo’s analysis of 19 million transactions made in Southeast Asia to key retailers’ websites last year, findings include:

  • On 12 December, there was a 26 percent visitor uplift to key retailers’ websites and 140 percent sales uplift.
    • – In Singapore, 800,000 transactions were analysed. On 12 December, there was a 17 percent visitor uplift to key retailers’ websites and 85 percent sales uplift.
  • 62 percent of buyers browsed key SEA retailers’ websites with a different device before making a final purchase – retailers must embrace consumers’ cross-device browsing and purchasing habits and ensure they are using technology that allows them to engage the same person shopping across multiple devices.
  • Criteo predicts that mobile commerce (mCommerce) will dominate eCommerce in driving sales this year – 34 percent of online transactions was generated by mobile phones, and a further 33 percent via mobile applications for brands leveraging Criteo technology[1].


“Seasonal shopping events like 12/12 are becoming immensely popular across this region. Our proprietary data has also revealed a significant increase in online traffic and sales conversions leading up to 12 December. During this period, two-thirds of consumers browsed SEA retailers’ websites with a different device before making a final purchase. This shows that consumers are not only looking for the best online deals during seasonal periods, but are also doing so seamlessly across multiple devices. Retailers must therefore turn to cross-device retargeting and exact matching technology to precisely pinpoint their behaviours and engage with them wherever and whenever they browse and purchase,” said Alban Villani, Commercial Director, Criteo, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.


ZALORA Leverages Criteo Technology to Drive Mobile Traffic and Sales Conversions

ZALORA, Asia’s online fashion destination, recognised the need for a robust cross-device strategy to increase conversions and build loyalty across the consumer journey. While they have a dynamic website, ZALORA needed to not only increase its mobile app traffic but also repeat in-app interactions and transactions.


Comparing the Year-on-Year (YoY) data for in-app traffic and sales transactions across Southeast Asia, Criteo’s performance marketing solution has helped ZALORA achieve a 942 percent increase in sales transactions and 803 percent increase in in-app traffic[2]. By leveraging the strength of the Criteo Engine, they were able to analyse each shopper’s readiness to purchase, their navigation patterns, geographic locations and seasonality, before delivering the right number of relevant and personalised ads to boost revenue at optimal costs.


“Criteo has become a phenomenal partner for us in Southeast Asia and has significantly increased our customer interactions and brand loyalty. We have also become more efficient with our marketing spend  while enabling us to maximise our profitability. This is especially important during key seasonal shopping periods such as on 12 December, as more retailers start to recognise these seasonality uplifts in sales.

The challenge is being able to recapture the consumers’ attention and Criteo’s Engine has ensured that our ads are always relevant to shoppers, thus helping to drive sales conversion,” added Tito Costa, Regional Managing Director, ZALORA Group.


eCommerce, mCommerce and cross-device usage will continue to drive interest and sales during seasonal periods and retailers must engage users on the right platforms and at the right time to be effective at driving ultimate sales.


[1] The 34 percent of online transactions generated via mobile is an average based on all retailers analysed, while the 33 percent through mobile applications is an average of retailers having an in-app campaign with Criteo.

[2] In Singapore, Criteo’s performance marketing solution helped ZALORA achieve a 472 percent increase in sales transactions and 363 percent increase in in-app traffic.


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